SOURCE is a modernized ecosystem that provides a clear true north for our industry.

SOURCE increases cost efficiency by 15% on average compared to other DSPs and walled gardens and reduces total cost of ownership by cutting media and fraud protection fees.

SOURCE extends our DSP outward into a curated, aligned and optimized subset of the hundreds of supply and technology vendors globally.

With SOURCE, advertisers get:

  1. Accountability

    Complete clarity into all costs associated with automated advertising

  2. Addressability

    A clear path beyond the third-party cookie

  3. Alignment

    Real trust between publishers, adtech intermediaries and advertisers thanks to bidirectional data sharing

SOURCE benefits advertisers in a number of ways:

Traders’ lives become easier, with quick activation, increased scale, reduced discrepancy management work, abundant markets curated by MediaMath and more informed supply path optimization (SPO) decisions.
Supply managers can easily determine working media by advertiser or supplier, assign SPO preferences by account, worry less about brand safety issues, curate their own inventory and reduce waste from bad supply paths.
Agencies have more business flexibility with SOURCE. Flexibility to activate proprietary ID systems. Freedom from reliance on third-party cookies. Power to easily curate agency marketplaces.
With complete transparency, more omni-present identity and aggressive brand-safety mitigation, brands can feel more confident investing in programmatic. They can understand where all their money goes. Brands using on-boarders like LiveRamp gain additional activation benefits from that relationship.

Strategic Partners

SOURCE launched with 15 anchor partners, including Rubicon, White Ops and Oracle Data Cloud and publishers like Business Insider and NewsCorp. Today, we have over 600 publishers, as well as new technology partners like LiveRamp and Merkury to drive industry-leading addressability for our clients as we prepare for a world without third-party cookies.

Check out our partner section to browse through hundreds of best-of-breed data, supply and tech vendors we work with to achieve business goals:

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