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Advertisers who want to run fully customer-centric, omnichannel marketing campaigns need access to emerging digital channels. Audio advertising is a unique and powerful addition to omnichannel campaigns. Consumers interact with podcasts, streaming music services and AM/FM streams while working, driving, doing chores and exercising, and are rarely reached by other media sources. These audio advertising impressions break through viewability obstacles inherent to situations where the screen is minimized, dark or non-existent.

MediaMath incorporates audio advertising into unified omnichannel campaign management so that advertisers can meet their consumers where they are with high-quality audio ads. We connect the experience of audio advertising with the precision targeting and measurement of digital marketing in partnership with the largest audio publishers and networks such as Spotify. Audio advertising is integrated into omnichannel campaign management with simple, automated creative management, a unified workflow and hands-on support for assistance adopting a new medium.

Digital audio impressions are the only impressions that can impact a consumer while the device is in use but not in view.

Benefits of running audio advertising through MediaMath include:

Advanced audience segmentation and targeting

Unlike traditional radio, advertisers can target and measure closely using MediaMath’s DMP segments, as well as other audiences from our data partners.

Access to a growing format

Easily repurpose existing creative assets to begin accessing a format that continues to grow.

Top partnerships

MediaMath partners with the top publishers and networks for audio advertising in every global market.

Integrated reporting

View your audio strategies alongside other channels in a cohesive and transparent format.

Self-Service Advertising

Run digital advertising through a responsive, flexible media buying platform.

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