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Using the power of sight, sound and motion, video is a natural solution for brand advertisers. Video is a highly engaging and personal ad format with an emphasis on premium, diverse and brand-safe inventory. Advertisers can complete the marketing funnel by leveraging video advertising for awareness tactics, reaching new customers and influencing brand perception.

MediaMath’s video advertising capabilities strengthen branding efforts with powerful machine-learning algorithms to deliver premium customer-centric marketing. Advertisers can run video branding campaigns alongside their display and remarketing strategies.

Use MediaMath video advertising to:

Seamlessly integrate video creative alongside other ad formats in our DSP

Reach your audience with multiple ad formats to build brand storytelling and eventually lead consumers down the purchase funnel.

Leverage unmatched inventory and targeting opportunities

MediaMath’s Curated Market was built with premium video inventory in mind. Marketers can gain access to tier-1 publishers at the click of a button. Brands running video advertising also have access to MediaMath’s best-in-class audiences, partner technologies and our Adaptive and Standard Segments data products.

Achieve optimal balance of scale and privilege

MediaMath’s Partnerships team is dedicated to onboarding as many premium supply sources as possible for easy access within our DSP.

Optimize to outperform on branding KPIs

Using our Brain machine learning algorithm, video advertising campaigns achieve excellence in primary video KPIs such as viewability and video completion rate.

Self-Service Advertising

Run digital advertising through a responsive, flexible media buying platform.

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