MediaMath Curated Markets

The fastest way to great performing campaigns.

MediaMath has sourced the best-performing supply inventory into Curated Markets, making it easier than ever to run successful advertising campaigns for your brand, vertical, channel or campaign KPI.

MediaMath Curated Markets Offers:

✓ Access to premium publishers
✓ Negotiated rates based on the buying power of MediaMath
✓ Built-in fraud prevention
✓ The best performing media


Custom Marketplace

Specific campaign goals?

Using historical data, MediaMath will build a custom marketplace for your brand to deliver great performance in just one click.

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    The Media Math team is absolutely fabulous and extremely knowledgeable.
    Always pushing for optimizations and are absolutely pleasure to work with.

    – Havas Media Group

  • Find out who won MediaMath Awards 2022

    Celebrating brands, agencies and their traders for their most effective programmatic campaigns across all channels.


  • Casumo use DOOH to drive +200% website visits

    Read about the positive impact on the entire purchase funnel, from awareness and reach to site traffic and ultimately conversions.


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    We’ve seen our cost to reach highly qualified audiences come in at less than a third of the cost of a comparable PMP by leveraging the unique benefits of the Conditions Marketplace.
    – Scott Ensign
    Chief Strategy Officer, Butler/Till

  • Discover how Lifemiles use MediaMath’s Curated Markets to drive air mile purchases


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    Curated Markets has made it easy for our trading teams to set up effective campaigns, making it possible for us to ensure better performance through ad placements across highly relevant premium publishers to find the very best prospects for our clients.
    – Todd Heger
    Chief Revenue Officer, Digilant



We’ve handpicked the inventory that’ll give you the best performance for your goal:

• Attention Marketplace
• Brand Awareness Video Marketplace (VCR)
• Brand Engagement Marketplace (CTR)
• Performance Marketplace (CPA / ROI)
• Viewable Marketplace


Our Channel marketplaces contain inventory designed to deliver performance across specific channels.

• TV Anywhere Marketplace
• TV Anywhere Performance Marketplace
• Native Marketplace
• Gaming Marketplace
• Audio Marketplace


The pre-vetted inventory within these marketplaces complies with regulations and runs on publishers who have pre-approved campaigns across these categories.

• Gambling
• Pharma
• Cannabis
• US Political Marketplace
• Crypto
• Alcohol

Premium Marketplaces

Use our news marketplace for high quality news content, or the Comscore Top 500 for the most visited sites online:

• News Marketplace
• Comscore Top 500 Market


We have put together a range of marketplaces to reach consumers in environments they know and trust no matter what they are interested in.

• Green Marketplace
• Super Bowl Marketplace
• Travel Marketplace
• Sports Marketplace
• Auto Marketplace
• Shopper Marketplace

Built in IVT Protection by Human at no extra cost.

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