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Our industry evolved rapidly. Programmatic education must keep pace to equip current and future marketers with the knowledge they need to be successful.

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Programmatic Certifications

Duration: 5 hours

Campaign Setup
T1 Certification

Duration: 1.5 hours

Available to clients

Campaign Optimization
T1 Certification

Duration: 1 hour

Omnichannel Campaigns
T1 Certification

Duration: 1 hour

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About MediaMath Academy

Launched in 2012 as the New Marketing Institute, MediaMath Academy offers free courses about the programmatic space to fill the knowledge and skills gaps that have resulted from our industry’s rapid growth. These free courses are tailored to every type of role and level of experience.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Bite-sized, self-paced modules mean users can learn wherever and whenever suits them.
  • Full integration with the MediaMath Support Portal means TerminalOne (T1) users can quickly find the answers to their questions and have the choice to deepen their learning with additional free courses.
  • Live webinars on hot industry topics support and develop the knowledge achieved through eLearning.
  • Single sign-on means users can access learning with one click using their login to our T1 DSP.

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Programmatic and
Emerging Channels

Available to both clients
and non-clients

Media Stakeholder

Available to both clients
and non-clients

Omnichannel Campaign Setup
in T1 Certification

Available to clients

MediaMath Audiences
Product Overview

Available to clients

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