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MediaMath’s Modernized Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is built to deliver better supply path optimization and campaign performance.​

Increase cost efficiency by 15%

We’ve built the industry’s most trustworthy ecosystem. Supply from the leading SSPs that delivers outstanding performance across all channels.

CTV, video, native, display, DOOH and audio inventory all in one platform

Run all your campaigns in one place, and optimize across channels.

Supply Path Optimization delivers enhanced performance

MediaMath users receive enhanced access to inventory ensuring you get the best performance for the best price.

MediaMath Curated Markets

We’ve curated the best inventory for your goals so you don’t have to. Just select the marketplace and you’re good to go.

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Don’t waste budget on unnecessary fees and charges

Our direct relationships with SSPs means you never pay more than you should.

Brand Safe & Fraud-Free

Our ecosystem was built to ensure brand safe, fraud free inventory.

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Run your branding campaigns against high-performance, addressable CTV inventory.


The biggest impact of all. Buy your DOOH through the MediaMath platform for fully measurable out of home campaigns.


Highly engaging with an emphasis on premium inventory. Leverage video advertising for awareness tactics, reaching new customers and influencing brand perception.


Native advertising matches the form and function of the location in which it appears, delivering up to 6x higher CTRs than display strategies with the same targeting.


Great for performance campaigns, use technologies like dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and retargeting to maximize display advertising.


Take advantage of the podcast boom. Digital audio is a great upper funnel branding medium and the only impressions that impact a consumer while the device is not in view.

Targeting & Data

Make sure your campaign is reaching the right people.

We partner with the industry’s leading data providers and work with them to develop the next evolution in programmatic targeting.

Check out our partner section to browse through hundreds of best-of-breed data, supply and tech vendors we work with to achieve business goals:

Connected TV Advertising

Engage in a 1:1 relationship with customers across all screens with CTV advertising

CTV advertising has quickly become the dominant media channel for mass reach over linear television. The cord-nevers generation continues to grow, and cord-cutters have grown as COVID-19 has driven the shift from linear to OTT and CTV viewing with more individuals staying home.

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