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Digital out-of-home is a unique emerging channel in which more and more outdoor billboards are becoming digital and, furthermore, programmatic. DOOH advertising brings the power of programmatic to high-impact ad placements in the physical world. The ads can bring local context to the daily on-the-go activities of consumers without issues of fraud or viewability.

MediaMath has partnered with leading DOOH advertising companies to support serving ads on a variety of outdoor screens. We have preferred partnerships with the leading DOOH media owners and SSPs in which we are able to serve targeted ads on roadsides, city streets, transportation hubs, office buildings and more, all with integrated reporting within our DSP. Our DOOH advertising capabilities provide a complementary pipeline for clients to extend their current digital and OOH buys.

The impact of DOOH advertising campaigns is 2.5 times greater than content on static displays, delivering a powerful emotional experience comparable to that of TV advertising.

DOOH advertising through MediaMath provides:

  • Exclusive partner integrations with the leading DOOH partners, which brings highly differentiated inventory and formats in a single place
  • Omnichannel campaign benefits that align advertising efforts in one platform, providing holistic frequency, reporting and billing
  • Easy access to and activation on new branding channels with small effort—you don’t have to commit a lot of time or resources for onboarding
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