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More than two-thirds of time spent online is on smartphones, which means mobile unlocks a huge opportunity to influence the customer journey.

Mobile also tends to be the most personal device and one that goes everywhere with the consumer, acting as an always-on source of information and entertainment. In essence, mobile is the primary vehicle for influencing consumer purchases.

MediaMath offers expertise in mobile marketing that seamlessly aligns to your omnichannel advertising approach. Key benefits of mobile marketing through MediaMath include:

  • A fully transparent, mobile marketing platform
  • Unmatched control to reach your mobile audiences at scale
  • Business outcomes optimization to drive real mobile marketing results

Our mobile marketing capabilities span across the following areas:

Mobile App

Inventory includes Mopub, Unity, Magnite, Gameloft and Zynga, sourced through our Curated App Market with optimized supply paths.

Mobile targeting

Device, device model, OS, OS version, connection speed, real-time location targeting.

Mobile measurement and optimization

Identity (omnichannel measurement), incrementality, app install (SDK and MMP integration with Kochava, Appslfyer, Branch, Singular and Adjust), drive to store (location attribution and visitation measurement).

Mobile insights

Technology reporting, site and app transparency report, cross-device pathway reporting.

Mobile creatives

Display, video and opt-in video, native, rich media and payables.

Mobile 1st-party data

Mobile web and app data onboarding, universal Mathtag, SDK and MMP integration with Kochava, Appslfyer, Branch, Singularand Adjust, CDP integration and mobile web and app DMP .

Mobile 3rd-party data

Location, app-installed, app performance, lookalike.

Self-Service Advertising

Run digital advertising through a responsive, flexible media buying platform.

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