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At MediaMath, advertisers can leverage technologies like dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and retargeting to maximize display advertising campaigns.

Dynamic creative optimization

DCO is a display advertising technology that creates personalized ads based on data-driven logic about the viewer at the moment an ad is served. Advertisers can run data-driven creative based on weather, location or date, retargeting based on user engagement, site visits and sequential messaging and feed-based/product-level based on recently viewed categories or products, cart abandoners and more.

Use strategies like dynamic creative optimization and retargeting to get the most out of display advertising.

Using DCO in display advertising campaigns can help:

  • Streamline workflow by eliminating manual set-up A/B testing for creatives
  • Unlock the value of creative to drive efficiency and ROI for marketers
  • Closely align creative and media execution with joint product roadmap and operational alignment
  • Control creative decisioning set-up, in-flight changes and granular reporting
  • Provide access to simple, transparent pricing

Site Analytics Integration

There is an opportunity to extend the valuable data and insights derived from site analytics to amplify marketing efforts across display advertising and other channels and drive greater business outcomes. MediaMath developed a turnkey solution that enables our clients to seamlessly import website interaction metrics from their site analytics platform into our platform for use cases such as retargeting users in display advertising campaigns. This rich site interaction data can then be combined with other relevant data stored within our platform to create advanced custom segments, activated in our DSP, or syndicated for activation in another buying platform.

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