Take Comprehensive Control of Your Marketing Ecosystem: MediaMath and IBM UBX

April 1, 2016 — by Mary Casey    

This post originally appears on IBM’s Commerce blog.

The marketing industry is rapidly shifting from broad to narrow audiences, from siloed channels to crossing display, social, mobile and video, and from counting clicks to declaring success based on customer delight. MediaMath has long been addressing this changing pace, supplying marketers with a global infrastructure to reach their targeted audiences at the scale needed to achieve business outcomes.  Through partnering with IBM UBX, MediaMath is empowering marketers to:

  • Target and anti-target in-store audiences based on in-store behaviors in MediaMath’s TerminalOne.
  • Use behavioral data from IBM Marketing Cloud to determine which ads users should see next.
  • Leverage behavioral data from IBM Marketing Cloud to understand where impression dollars are most likely to drive conversions.

goal based marketingWith this collaboration, a continual conversation across email and paid media channels is being built. Now you can tailor ad creative to your customers based on the email or push content most interesting to them. Through IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange, all customer interactions are portable between IBM Marketing Cloud and MediaMath, making behavioral data more actionable in MediaMath’s TerminalOne and IBM Marketing Cloud than ever before.


“Marketers can really get an understanding of where all of their dollars are being spent.” – Chris Victory, VP Global Partnerships, MediaMath

Download or view the MediaMath use case:


This feature is part of the UBX Business Partner series. Stay tuned as we showcase our flagship UBX Business Partners through blog posts, use cases and videos over the next few months.