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TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™

MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing OS™ activates data, automates execution, and optimizes interactions across all addressable media – delivering greater performance, transparency, and control to all marketers and a better experience to every consumer.

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Private: Optimization & Decisioning

The TerminalOne Brain ™, a proprietary machine learning algorithm, optimizes every consumer interaction, analyzing millions of potential opportunities per second to determine the optimal combination of audience, media, message, and price to achieve your marketing goals.

Whatever your digital marketing objectives may be, intelligent decisioning is the key to achieving them. We believe that if something can be measured, it can be improved with math.  But the size, variability, and complexity of digital data require machine learning algorithms that can determine – in real time – the right combinations of users, media, and messaging that will best achieve your goals.

The TerminalOne Brain™, a proprietary algorithm, developed internally by a veteran team of quant PhDs and algorithmic trading programmers, combines computational techniques from predictive modeling, statistics, game theory, and algorithmic securities trading to specifically meet the unique needs of programmatic media. The TerminalOne Brain™ delivers best-in-market performance on tens of thousands of campaigns comprising over $1 billion in media spend. With the TerminalOne Brain™, you can:

Determine the right price to bid for each impression: The “Left Brain” algorithm will correctly value every individual impression based on its predicted probability to achieve yourcampaign goal, whether it’s awareness, engagement, online purchase, or offline ROI. Unlike others, we don’t just buy audiences and we’re not limited to bidding on users with cookies. We start with your stated marketing goal and leverage 100% of the data, combining dozens to hundreds of user, media, and creative variables to determine not just when to bid, on what to bid, and at what price. Our ability to value each and every impression individually is why we bid more often and more widely than others. It means we have the greatest ability to de-average the universe of digital media into distinct impression-level predictions of performance against your goals.

Identify the best impressions to bid on to meet your goals: TerminalOne combines “Left Brain” predictions of impression value with “Right Brain” predictions of market clearing prices for each impression. Knowing both what an impression is worth to you and the price at which it will clear in the market, enables the Brain to determine which impressions will deliver the biggest bang for your advertising buck and focus on buying only those. Unlike other companies that represent both buyer and seller interests, we’re optimizing exclusively for marketers’ outcomes– so there’s no conflict of interest.

Automatically adapt to market changes: The programmatic media environment is in constant flux due to factors like supply moving in and out of marketplaces, competitive campaigns starting & ending, spikes & trends in online traffic, creative burnout, seasonality, and other factors. The TerminalOne Brain™ includes sophisticated learning algorithms, both at the beginning of each campaign and throughout its active life cycle, to automatically adapt your buying as market dynamics change.

Customize the algorithm to further enhance performance: Our flexible optimization platform enables you to declare your goals & target metrics, introduce your own proprietary data into the algorithm, adjust bidding at the impression level on the basis of custom attribution models, or even bring your own trading algorithms into the action.

Ensure total transparency to understand what’s working & why: No black boxes here. We make available not just the data inputs, but the algorithm outputs in our Brain Visualization app. That means you don’t just get performance, but you also get full insight into the drivers behind it.

Let the machines crunch the numbers while you focus on strategy.


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Private: Cross-Channel Media

Integrated execution and seamless workflow across RTB and programmatic premium channels – including display, video, social, mobile, and emerging channels.

The digital media landscape is more complex than ever, with a multitude of channels comprised of different suppliers, different data, and different formats. But those differences don’t have to mean siloed, uncoordinated, and inefficient media buying. Consumers move fluidly and seamlessly through the digital universe, and so should your brand. Through TerminalOne, marketers can access more supply than through any other platform in the world, and easily manage a holistic media plan within a single UI that provides integrated and normalized workflows, execution, and reporting across all RTB as well as programmatic premium channels. Media available through the TerminalOne Marketing OS™ includes:

Display:  Maximize the scale and impact of your display budget with access to nearly 100 billion display impressions a day around the globe, from major publishers, ad exchanges, and SSPs, including all IAB units, custom sizes, expandables, and other formats.

Video: Combine the power of video advertising with the benefits of programmatic to seamlessly extend your TV buying into digital video. TerminalOne combines access to all leading video suppliers with a wide variety of supported formats, precise audience targeting, enhanced reporting, and integrated Nielsen measurement, to deliver a complete video solution.

Social: Capture the unique benefits and high-performance of social media using TerminalOne’s social offerings, including the industry’s first self-service solution for buying on The Facebook Exchange and the industry’s first Twitter Tailored Audiences app.

Mobile:  Harness the explosive growth of mobile advertising with TerminalOne’s comprehensive mobile media buying capabilities, including unmatched global access to mobile web and mobile app inventory, proprietary device recognition and cross-device targeting solutions, advanced campaign targeting options for mobile, and mobile-specific reporting. 

Emerging channels:  As the industry shifts to programmatic, TerminalOne will evolve with the market. You can rest assured that TerminalOne will continue to operate at the forefront of innovation, providing MediaMath clients with access to all IP-addressable media, including connected TV, digital out-of-home networks, and whatever else the next generation of digital media has in store.

Premium: Across all channels, TerminalOne offers a variety of ways to access premium inventory, programmatically.   These include Private Marketplace, where buyers can provision directly-sourced publisher inventory to enjoy the benefits of RTB on their direct guaranteed buys; Automated Guaranteed, where buyers can discover and buy premium publisher inventory before it goes to the open market; and TerminalOne’s Premium Marketplace, where buyers can purchase curated premium media in “always-on” fashion, without the need for bespoke deals.

Remove the silos between channels and unify your digital marketing with the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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Private: Data Management

On-boarding, segmentation, analysis, and activation of online as well as offline data – from first-party site and CRM data to third-party data providers.

From online behaviors to offline transactions, data is the lifeblood of marketing, and effective data management is rapidly becoming one of the key drivers of marketing success, especially in digital. The key is not just to be able to collect and analyze the data, but to activate the data in real time at the critical point of customer interaction. Integrating data management and media execution into a single platform ensures maximum reach and scale with no drop-offs from having to match users between systems; enables essential real-time valuation of combined media and user data to drive ROI; streamlines workflow from audience segmentation from targeting to reporting in a single UI; and is a more cost-effective solution for marketers. TerminalOne’s data management platform includes:

Data On-boarding: TerminalOne offers secure collection and storage of your data assets, including online site and mobile app data, offline CRM data, campaign data across channels, and data from third-party providers. All of which can be on-boarded through a variety of flexible means, including server-to-server integration, file transfer, tag placement, or our exclusive Akamai-powered Full Audience View product – a powerful alternative to traditional tag management that offers 100% coverage for greater reach and performance, without any IT maintenance, without slowing your pages, and at no additional cost.

Data Segmentation: Create custom audiences from your data with the ability to flexibly combine behaviors and attributes with factors like recency, frequency, and time sequencing. TerminalOne lets you easily filter, search, and sort your segments, and provides instant sizing, trending, profiling, and forecasting of segments, all at the push of a button.  And unlike other platforms, which permanently “tattoo” users into segments, TerminalOne segments update in real time as customer behavior changes.

Data Analysis: Whether you are looking to discover new insights or test specific hypotheses, TerminalOne empowers you with a wide variety of tools to turn data into actionable insight. These include rich audience profiling and cross-indexing, segment-level analysis of campaign performance, segment reach & frequency overlap across media sources, custom funnel analytics to measure how effectively you are moving audiences from awareness to engagement to purchase, and more.

Data Activation: Ensuring that the right data is available to drive the right customer to the right interaction in real time is critical. TerminalOne’s data segments are instantly available for targeting across all media channels. The platform can also export data easily to you or your partners through file transfer, API, or other mechanisms, to power marketing efforts in search, e-mail, affiliate, site personalization, and other marketing channels.

Leverage MediaMath Helix, a powerful data solution built on a foundation of fresh transactional data. Learn more »

Collect, create, analyze, and activate all your data with the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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Private: Delivery Management

Full spectrum of capabilities to maximize messaging impact – from ad serving to dynamic creative, from brand safety to viewability, and more.

Delivery is where the rubber meets the road. The successful execution of a digital advertising campaign often involves a lot of moving parts, from the various aspects of campaign set-up, to targeting and management, to delivery of ads, to ensuring the relevance and quality of the environment in which those ads appear. Success also typically requires effective management of a multitude of vendor solutions touching various parts of the “supply” chain. It’s therefore essential to work with a robust technology that integrates all these moving parts into a seamless workflow to eliminate headaches, reduce risk, and ensure performance in delivering the right ad to the right person in the right context at the right time. TerminalOne’s delivery management features include:

Campaign Setup & Management: TerminalOne offers a wide variety of tools and features to provide simple and powerful ways to control or manage your media campaigns. Whether it’s advanced targeting features for behavioral and contextual data, bulk tag uploading and bulk campaign editing tools, global frequency management and custom sitelist management capabilities, or budget flighting and international currency support, Terminal offers users unparalleled flexibility and control.

Device recognition and cross-device targeting: As cookieless environments are becoming increasingly common and users continue to split their media consumption time across multiple devices, the usefulness of the cookie is declining. MediaMath’s proprietary ConnectedID technology allows for both device recognition in cookieless environments and cross-device targeting. ConnectedID enables TerminalOne clients to engage consumers at unprecedented scale by deploying holistic targeting, optimization, measurement, and attribution of digital marketing efforts across publishers, channels, and devices as never before.

Ad Serving: TerminalOne is integrated with all major ad serving platforms, allowing users to upload creative tags with the push of a button, with advanced features like creative categorization, creative approval status reporting, and SSL support. In addition, TerminalOne also offers native ad serving capabilities for display, video, and mobile ads for clients wishing to consolidate creative management and reporting within a single system.

Dynamic Creative Optimization: TerminalOne’s Dynamic Creative capabilities allow you to tailor the message delivered to every individual consumer. With customizable modular creative templates and easy self-service set-up of real-time product feeds, you can present the right product/message/offer combination to every customer, down to the SKU level, on both display and Facebook Exchange inventory. TerminalOne also supports numerous third-party dynamic creative vendor solutions.

Brand Safety: TerminalOne offers clients a powerful array of tools to ensure safe and relevant environments for ads and avoidance of low-quality content environments. These include a variety of user-controlled targeting options for ad viewability, contextual safety & quality settings.  Contextual safety & quality settings include content category, content maturity, user-generated content, negative/undesirable content, custom-defined categories, and more. Additional user-controlled targeting options are provided for ad viewability, flexible sitelist management, transparent URL targeting & site transparency reporting, ad collision management, and suspicious traffic filters. TerminalOne also supports turnkey integrations with leading third-party technologies for ad safety, verification, and measurement.


Because it comes in so many forms (from impression fraud, to click fraud, to ad manipulation, to cookie stuffing, and more) and is constantly evolving, we combat fraud through a broad and evolving range of both proprietary and external technologies, as well as through business protocols and processes, which include the following:

  • Strict inventory pre-vetting – Though we boast more available supply than any other platform, we maintain strict controls over what inventory makes it into TerminalOne(t1) in the first place. We only on-board suppliers that comply with our MathSafe standards, which include pre-vetting screening of inventory lists, blanket exclusion of undesirable publishers, sites, and categories, filtering out of any non-directly contracted inventory, and prohibiting of activities such as daisy chaining and other unacceptable forms of impression delivery. That screening process filters high levels of undesirable inventory, which often shows up in other platforms.
  • Automated fraud detection – We developed, and have continually refined, proprietary software that uses analytic techniques to scan for unusual, suspicious, or outlier activity, in terms of browsing behavior and click behavior along multiple vectors including cookie, site, IP address, and more. These measures have proved extremely effective at early identification of numerous types of fraud, and we are constantly improving and refining our technology as new data comes in.
  • Proactive filtering – Once identified, we flag fraudulent traffic so that we never bid on it in the first place. This leads to improved performance both from the avoidance of spending budget against non-human traffic, and from the redeployment of that budget against high-quality traffic. Not wasting dollars on non-human impressions also leads to better performance and ROI since ultimately, only humans buy products.
  • Ongoing monitoring – We’ve automated internal reporting that monitors impression, click, and conversion data across our system to spot new anomalies our existing measures might miss, and flags these for review to identify new potential issues for investigation.
  • Open data sharing with partners – We feed regular reporting of flagged or suspicious activity to our exchange partners, and work proactively collaboratively with them locate and prevent the issue at the source. Our partners routinely praise us for being the first and fastest to spot new issues.
  • Incident resolution process – If an issue does arise, we’ve built real-time internal processes to address these, designed to identify the source of the issue and quarantine it from live bidding for immediate investigation and resolution.

We believe that these measures have made TerminalOne significantly more immune to fraud than other platforms in the market. But since fraud can come in so many different varieties and is constantly evolving, we believe it is critical to also work with leading anti-fraud vendors and empower our clients with additional controls. These measures include:

  • Unique & proprietary Terminal UI features, such as the “Suspicious Traffic Filter” which allows users to select the tolerance level for filtering pre-bid impressions with non-zero suspicious activity scores and “Minimize Ad Collisions” prevent serving multiple ads on a single page and effectively selects against low-quality traffic with a higher chance of fraud
  • Powerful inventory management tools, including global, campaign, and strategy-level sitelist management, transparent URL targeting, and site transparency reporting to ensure the quality of inventory
  • Built-in goal-based optimization allowing users to direct the system to algorithmically optimizes to results that cannot be generated by bots (i.e., purchases, ROI), thereby naturally optimizing away from fraud
  • Fraud filters from leading third-party vendors, including (a) Integral Ad Science’s pre-bid targeting solution, Bid Expert, as well as TRAQ (True Advertising Quality) media quality, (b) a wide variety of pre-bid fraud, brand safety, and quality targeting settings powered by Peer39, and (c) integrated tag support for a wide range of other leading vendors

Vendor Management: From trafficking to monitoring to billing, the management of vendor solutions in the digital advertising ecosystem can be challenging. TerminalOne removes all the hassle, providing turnkey integration with hundreds of vendors through server-to-server integration and tag-based integration. This includes automated vendor declaration for publishers requiring it, tracking and reporting of vendor fees within your campaign budget, and consolidated itemized billing.

Take the complexity out of the equation with the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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Private: Analytics & Insights

Powerful & flexible analysis tools provide transparent insights into performance, media, audiences, attribution, and economics, to support forecasting, profiling, data mining, hypothesis validation, and new insights discovery.

We understand that performance is necessary but not sufficient. Brands and agencies need transparent insights into the underlying drivers of campaign metrics, of media efficiency, of customer behaviors, and ultimately of business results. The analysis of digital marketing data leads not only to greater accountability for every dollar spent, but greater insights into consumers, which can in turn inform customer strategy, product strategy, messaging strategy, and more. Your marketing platform should be a laboratory in which you can discover new insights and test new hypotheses in order to make your business better. TerminalOne’s analytics & insights features include:

Campaign Reporting: TerminalOne provides a suite of reports to help you transparently understand campaign performance and how to improve it. Standard reports include Performance, Site Transparency, Reach & Frequency, and Geo Reporting, all delivered via UI as well full-reporting APIs. Advanced reporting includes apps like the Opportunity forecaster which allows you to precisely forecast available audiences and impressions at different price levels, the Brain Visualization app which reveals the output of the TerminalOne Brain™ algorithm for your campaigns. .

Audience & Segment Reporting: A wide variety of customer-focused reporting is powered by TerminalOne’s Data Management Platform. This includes the creation of persona profiles for any desired audience, growth trends by segment, index analysis against third-party data to discover key segment characteristics, index analysis and overlap analysis against media properties to better locate audiences and eliminate duplication, deconstruction of campaign performance by segment, funnel analytics to measure how effectively you are moving audiences through your sales funnel, and more.

Attribution Analytics: Successful and accurate attribution of consumer action to advertising impressions is the key to demonstrating performance and proving the effectiveness of ad spending. TerminalOne gives clients the ability to implement custom attribution models, developed in-house or by third parties, into real-time decisioning at the impression level through our Closed-Loop Attribution product. Clients can also explore different “what if” scenarios using our Attribution Analytics app to vary attribution assumptions, understand the fractional impact of different media pathways, and quantify the relative contribution of different media tactics, suppliers, or partners.

Custom Analytics: MediaMath can provide clients with a wide array of customized analytics & modeling solutions, including customized reporting dashboards built to your specifications, custom campaign or audience analytics, custom attribution analysis, custom segment look-alike modeling, and more – all of which can leverage not just TerminalOne data, but join to offline data as well for a comprehensive view of your business.

Analysis that leads to action. Insights that lead to results.  That’s the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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Private: Platform & APIs

Open APIs and a fully-supported developer community allow for flexible customization of solutions atop TerminalOne – from analytics & dashboards, to apps enabling new features & functionality, to fully customized end-to-end business solutions.

Our technology was built from the ground up as a true platform to support the needs of digital marketers. That means flexible modular system components with open APIs that not only allow our internally-developed solutions to scale, but enable clients and partners to develop new solutions on top of TerminalOne, for themselves or the broader ecosystem. Our vision of reengineering marketing includes unlocking the imagination and innovation of the entire community and supporting the development of exciting new applications that continue to transform digital marketing. Some of the apps currently running in TerminalOne include:

Deal Discovery App:  The Deal Discovery App allows you to find and purchase programmatic guaranteed premium publisher inventory and easily provision deals in TerminalOne. It provides an aggregated overview of all Private Marketplace opportunities, the ability to negotiate directly with sellers in a controlled environment, and an easy way to manage and activate your buys in TerminalOne.

Grapeshot App: This partner app allows you to enter a list of custom keywords, which Grapeshot’s technology uses to define audiences consuming content relating to those keywords. Those audiences become available for immediate targeting in TerminalOne.

Twitter Tailored Audiences App:  The first of its kind, this app allows you to pipe your TerminalOne audience data into Twitter to create Twitter Tailored Audiences available for targeting in your Twitter Ad account.

Nielsen OCR App: The Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings App provides Nielsen-powered reporting for your TerminalOne campaigns, including daily reach, frequency, and GRP data, demographics, viewability, and more.

Innovation built by you, powered by the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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Private: Partner Management

MediaMath partners with over 180 companies in the marketing supply chain, including more than 35 SSPs & exchanges around the globe, more than 20 leading data providers, and more than 100 other digital marketing technology partners, allowing marketers to efficiently execute their digital media plans through simple turnkey integrations within TerminalOne. Core to MediaMath’s strategy is the creation of efficient systems that enable marketers to build environments suitable for their complex business needs. As a result, we have created business and technical relationships with best of breed solutions within Ad Serving, Analytics, Attribution, Brand Safety, Creative Visibility, Data Providers, Dynamic Creative, Exchanges & SSPs, Mobile providers, Video Providers, Premium Publishers, and Tag Management solutions. More than 160 of MediaMath’s partners are profiled on the OPEN portal.

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