7 Ways the Industry Can Create Better Advertising

March 31, 2016 — by Lauren Fritsky    

Why do consumers reject advertising? British multinational market research firm Millward Brown thinks there are two reasons:

  1. Some brands spit out too many ads too frequently to attempt to boost share of voice, but instead alienate consumers.
  2. Targeting done poorly can creep out consumers if done too frequently and intrusively.

Millward Brown’s AdReaction Video report, released in February, looked across 42 countries to uncover the pros and cons of targeting. More than 13,500 multiscreen users (those who own or have access to a TV, smartphone and/or tablet) ages 16 to 45 participated. The overall response was that providing consumers with more control over how they receive ads boosts how they are perceived. Millward Brown offers some suggestions for how advertisers can take a step back and better engage consumers:

  1. Get more emotional: Aim to resonate with as much as convert customers.
  2. Demand quality: Advertisers should work to improve the whole ecosystem, particularly prioritizing placements that are uncluttered and gripping, and better measuring how they perform. This can a long way toward quelling ad blocking.
  3. Max the mix: Seamless engagement with customers across channels, and uncovering new opportunities to start or continue conversations, can boost brand lift.
  4. Engage, don’t threaten: Experience over volume was the message conveyed by consumers in the AdReaction report.
  5. Listen to the consumer: In an ideal world, Millward Brown proposes advertisers test consumer feedback to content before it goes live across any media.
  6. Go native: The potential for native advertising is currently untapped—read our take on it.
  7. Be remarkable: Instead of recycling the same old ideas, advertisers should consider how to be bold, different and truly creative.

Read the synopsis of the report and download the full version here.