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Use our suite of Intelligence products to optimize every consumer interaction. Transform data into real-time, machine learning-powered decisioning that improves over time. Measure the true incremental performance impact of marketing on business outcomes. Close the loop between insight and action.

The Guide to Getting Attribution Right
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Select Intelligence Partners

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Intelligence Case Studies

Scibids empower media buyers with customized bidding algorithms

Scibids developed a custom algorithm to ingest the agency’s 3P conversation data and identify the most valuable impressions


Jet․com Talks Programmatic & Work with MediaMath launched less than a year ago as a start-up e-commerce site that aims to “make shopping...

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Realestate․com․au + MediaMath DSP and DMP API Integrations

REA Boosts Operational Efficiency, Increases Targeting Accuracy and Scale through Combined MediaMath DSP and DMP API Integrations

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The Future of Programmatic
in the Agency

Watch Curtis Nishijima, COO for Amnet, discuss the future of programmatic in the agency.

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