Winning Advertising Audiences for Wimbledon

June 21, 2023 — by MediaMath    

Wimbledon, the world’s oldest, most famous and most prestigious tennis tournament, kicks off on July 3 in London. 

Last year, more than 500,000 people attended Wimbledon—the most in history—and 7.5 million viewers tuned in during the Men’s Singles Final. US viewers can watch online via ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN+ and The Tennis Channel this year. Sling TV Orange, Fubo, and DirectTV Stream offer both, while Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV have ESPN. In general, tennis fans watch on every possible screen, but studies have shown they are 42% more likely to respond after seeing a commercial on cable TV and 37% more likely after an ad was served on a streaming app.

Tennis fans have some specific traits that can appeal to certain advertisers. For instance, 80% of tennis fans are college-educated, have an average household income of over $120K, and spend on average 17.9 hours watching cable TV per week and 11.7 hours per week on the Internet. Wimbledon’s wealthier audience is 3.3X more likely to have an affinity for Ralph Lauren, 4.4X more likely to have an affinity for Stella Artois and 4.3X more likely to have an affinity for Jaguar than the sports fans’ audience.  

MediaMath’s Curated Markets help you get your ads in front of shoppers where they are 

To reach high-value tennis fans where they will watch Wimbledon, advertisers can tap into some of MediaMath’s Curated Markets, made up of high-quality websites:

Sports Marketplace

Ensure your ads get delivered in premium sports-related environments people know and trust, with geo-targeting to show relevant ads to audiences based on their location and the local sporting seasons currently happening. 

Price Floor Range: Display – $1.00-$3.00 CPM, Video – $5.00-$9.00 CPM 

Available Regions: Global 

Channels: Display & Video 


Shopper Marketplace 

This marketplace perfectly aligns with e-commerce in-market shoppers to reach your target audience wherever they are in environments they know and trust while improving your CPA, ROI and general direct response goals. Combine with MediaMath Audiences shopper data at no additional cost! 

Price Floor Range: Display – $1.00-$3.00, Video – $4.00-$6.00 

Available Regions: Global 

Channels: Display & Video 

Download our regionalized Wimbledon collateral to get more statistics about the audiences that watch and tips for reaching them in the best environments.