Supplement Organic Reach with Paid Media on Facebook

May 1, 2015 — by Vincent Sung    

Digital marketers in tune with social media advertising on Facebook know that organic reach on the platform has been all but decimated. In fact, a recent study reported on by Adweek, found that the reach of organic page posts in March averaged just 2.6%. This news highlights the importance of brands using paid media on the social platform to reach audiences, whether that be their own fans or users not connected to their page.

Marketers who do decide to boost organic page posts can tap into Upcast Social’s bespoke Auto Post Booster tool, which helps marketers identify the best posts to promote. The Auto Post Booster scans a brand’s page and will automatically promote a post if the post hits a certain level of engagement or virality, which the user defines.  For example, if an organic post exceeds an engagement rate of 5%, Upcast will promote this post to reach a larger percentage of their audience to take the reach of that content to the next level.

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