Summer Time, and the Shopping’s Easy

May 5, 2015 — by Spencer Phillips    

It’s currently 75 degrees in NYC, and the temperature is supposed remain in the high 70s for the rest of the week; it feels like July in May and everyone has one word on their mind: Summer.

Advertisers, too, should be excited for summer, since there are a number of “big ticket” events during the warmer months where consumers tend to drop cash. Some examples include Father’s Day, Independence Day, and back to school shopping.

As summer becomes less of a distant dream, and more of a concrete reality, advertisers should consider supplementing traditional ad spend with digital strategies. Consider these tips by channel:

Desktop Display

Activate your CRM files and onboard data from previous purchasers who could be targeted to make a return purchase with tailored display messaging.


Double down on online video advertising for events with TV ad dollar support so money spent on creating the TV ad spot gets a jump in views by replaying on multiple devices and platforms.


Break out strategies for smartphones vs. tablets in order to see the performance differences and optimize accordingly.

For more recommendations by channel, and for a full list of commercial holidays, check out our 2015 Calendar of Events.

P.S: Are you prepared for Mother’s Day, which is less than a week away? Consider these tips from a select group of retail clients who already have the below strategies in place for Mother’s Day:

Geo Localization

One global retail brand is using geo-targeting as a display advertising strategy. By targeting the zip codes where their stores are located, nearby consumers will see special deals or shopping opportunities specific to that area.

Product Recommendations

The longer the consumer browses online for that perfect Mother’s Day gift, the more potential the advertisers has to feature related products to them, based on their search behavior. For additional upsell opportunity, one MediaMath client is advertising products purchased by other customers who purchased the product that the current customer is researching. For example, if the consumer is browsing perfume products, the advertiser is exposing them to other popular purchases for Mother’s Day, such as jewelry or handbags.

Sequential messaging

One retailer has onboarded their CRM files to target buyers from past years in order to reengage with them. By using sequential messaging for previous buyers, this retailer is reminding consumers of the brand, the product, and then showcasing the best selling items of the year, and offering deals on those products.