NMI Sails into Asia Pacific with Live Digital Marketing and Programmatic Courses

April 14, 2016 — by Marrah Africa    

The 26th of April 2016 will mark an important new milestone in the short history of MediaMath New Marketing Institute. On this day, we’ll open our doors to the public in Asia Pacific and start to offer our slate of exciting NMI digital marketing and programmatic courses to a live audience across the region. In practical terms, it means you (yes, everyone!) can attend our courses with your colleagues and friends in the comfort of your office, in a time zone convenient to you. And if you’re in town, you can also join us in person in our cosy Singapore office. Snacks and coffee on the house, and we promise we’d let you have a go at our skate scooters during the breaks.

As we announce this far and wide, a truthful reminder of why we’re doing this: Digital ad spending is set to grow in Asia Pacific from US$67b in 2016 to US$124b in 2020, a 185% projected growth.* With many mobile-first markets and tremendous digital lifestyle growth across the region, we are certain adoption of programmatic marketing technologies will continue to increase among Asia Pacific marketers.

However, here’s the reality: Marketers, both brand-side and agency-side, are simply struggling to keep up with the advances in digital technologies. I know because I’ve observed it in my five years as a digital manager with Mediacom, a global media agency. This quote in Mumbrella Asia’s article captures my experience well: “It’s one thing after another. By the time you learn and understand innovation A, it moves to the next level. By the time you learn about the next level, innovation B has arrived. It can be overwhelming.

What’s the impact of this constant state of tech evolution? While committed practitioners are likely able to keep up through on-the-job experience, there are not that many avenues for formal education or certification in advanced digital marketing techniques and technologies for enthusiasts, career upgraders or even brand marketers who yearn for the edge in their jobs. The result: a clear lack of trained talent in the field and constant job vacancies at ambitious programmatic-believing companies.

New Marketing Institute to the rescue! We’re now officially here in the neighbourhood to help you gain the knowledge and understanding of digital marketing. Fret not, we’ll also get you up to speed on this seemingly-complex world of “programmatic.”

Sign up your interest to join our courses and we’ll send you the details as well as the most up-to-date class schedule. We are offering the entire suite of Digital Marketing Certification (‘Digital Marketing 101’ and ‘Programmatic 101’), Omnichannel Certification (Video, Mobile and Social)’ and ‘T1 Platform Certification’ in Asia Pacific. To mark this joyous occasion, we are running a promo too, so don’t wait to sign up. See you in class!

*Source: eMarketer 2016