Moving The University Education Needle: Professor Bonezzi Talks NYU

November 18, 2016 — by Ronika Vyas    

Andrea Bonezzi joined New York University Stern School of Business as an Assistant Professor of Marketing in July 2012. Professor Bonezzi studies consumer judgment and decision-making. His research investigates fundamental behavioral phenomena that can inform marketing practice. Professor Bonezzi’s research has been published in leading marketing journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, and many more.

He firmly believes in providing students an opportunity to understand technology’s role in modern day marketing and its impact on consumer behavior. Professor Bonezzi is an advocate for applied learning methodologies and moves the needle in university curricula by embedding programmatic technology education into his teaching. His synergy with educational partners, like New Marketing Institute, is highlighted below.

Please provide a brief background into your role at the university and curriculum typically covered in your classroom.  

I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business. I have been teaching the core marketing course to undergraduate students for the past four years. The course aims to give students a solid understanding of the entire marketing process, from market analysis, to strategy identification and tactical execution.

How did you come to hear about New Marketing Institute (NMI) and how long have you been working with NMI?

I first heard about Mediamath three years ago from a student of mine who had just completed a summer internship there. He was absolutely thrilled about his internship and spoke very highly of people at Mediamath. At the time, I was looking for an expert on digital advertising who could come to class to explain to the students the very complex and very poorly understood digital advertising ecosystem. I contacted MediaMath, learned about NMI, and immediately realized that was the perfect partner. And now I’ve had the pleasure of working with NMI for the past two years.

What was your vision for working with an external company and its integration into your undergraduate curriculum?

My goal was to bring to class experts from the industry who could explain the intricacies of the digital advertising ecosystem. When I started my collaboration with NMI, and to a certain extent still today, there was a lot of confusion about the digital marketing ecosystem. Terms like programmatic buying, DSP and SSP were poorly understood and rarely covered in marketing courses. At the same time, many companies were shifting large portions of their advertising budgets towards digital. Thus, I thought it would be crucial to bring to class experts from the industry who could clearly explain to students how digital advertising works.

Why did you choose to receive training from NMI and how did you work together to customize content?  

Since the very first time I talked to the team at NMI I have been impressed, not only by their expertise, but also by their genuine interest in fostering education about the digital advertising industry. I met both in person and via Skype with the NMI team to create a customized module that would fit with the content of the course and would be appropriate for undergraduate students.

Briefly describe your experience during training. Did you receive any feedback from students?

The experience was great, and in fact I invited NMI to come to my course again in the future. The content was terrific and the delivery even better. Students were engaged, and asked questions on the topic not only during the presentation itself, but also during the following class meeting. I had the opportunity to invite a professor from NYU Spain to one of the lectures, who was also introduced to the team which ultimately led to trainings in Madrid just this past year. Students’ feedback was extremely positive. They felt they left with a solid understanding of how digital advertising works.

“MediaMath’s presentation definitely encouraged me to consider digital advertising as a field with so much potential for value and synergy to be created in new ways as this industry is so young. I would definitely be interested in starting a company that combines multiple aspects of the industry or connects different aspects of the industry in newfound ways.” Samuel Kaufman – NYU Stern, Class of 2019 | Business Administration – Concentrated in Finance and Marketing