Improving Programmatic Adoption in Germany with Better Data Transparency Guidelines

November 21, 2016 — by Alice Lincoln    

Transparency and quality have never been more important in the advertising ecosystem. From ensuring the responsible use of data to providing clear information around the costs and execution of media buying, the industry on the whole is taking a deeper look at how all players can create and adhere to standards that strengthen the programmatic advertising environment.

In Germany, the industry has looked to build trust on the buy side through the newly announced BVDW—an organization that represents the interests of companies in the field of interactive marketing, digital content and interactive added value—Code of Conduct for Programmatic Advertising.

This initiative by the BVDW’s internal working group “Fokusgruppe Programmatic Advertising” came about as the result of a common understanding that the adoption of programmatic in Germany has been slow due to quality and transparency concerns by advertisers and agencies. The Code provides a way for participating companies to help the nascent programmatic German market ensure a healthy and sustainable advertising ecosystem.

MediaMath has been an active participant in Fokusgruppe Programmatic Advertising throughout 2016 and has answered the BVDW’s call for marketers, publishers, sell-side platforms, demand-side platforms and data providers to sign the Code of Conduct. In signing the Code, MediaMath has pledged compliance in all applicable categories: transparency and quality of the advertising environment, supply chain and data; viewability; and appropriate safeguards around ad collision, ad fraud, audience fraud, cookie dropping and data leakage.

MediaMath’s signing of the BVDW Code of Conduct is another way that MediaMath is delivering on its promise to ensure quality, transparency and brand and consumer safety across the marketing landscape. MediaMath has undergone the rigorous technical and procedural scrutiny required to become a certified member of prominent industry organizations, codes and frameworks, including the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and its counterparts in the US (DAA) and Canada (DAAC); the Direct Marketing Association in the US and the UK; the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, the US and the UK; and the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). MediaMath is certified compliant with The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), a distinguishing symbol of MediaMath’s commitment to conducting business in a transparent manner across the digital advertising supply chain.

Alice Lincoln

Alice Lincoln, CIPP/US, is Vice President of Data Policy & Governance at MediaMath, where she is responsible for defining strategic policies around data, privacy and security. Alice’s team is charged with advising all internal teams on the development of products and business partnerships in compliance with global data protection laws and industry self-regulation and best practices. Responsible for MediaMath’s large global footprint, she has strong connections to self-regulatory groups around the world and a keen understanding of the challenges companies face when operating under a myriad of differing local codes. Alice has 15 years’ experience in digital marketing, data product development and the protection of consumer privacy. A chemist in a former life, Alice holds a BS from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MS from Stanford University.

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