Talking Cross-Device at Advertising Week

November 22, 2016 — by Lauren Fritsky    

Now that we consume content across channels and devices, marketers have had to re-strategize how they tell their brand stories. What is the future of how we deliver content across these enviornments?

LinkedIn Hub host Maha Awad sat down with our own Philipp Tsipman, VP of our ConnectedID cross-device solution, at Advertising Week in October to learn about how technology has evolved to enable marketers to tell these more connected stories. Tsipman mentioned that 2016 has been exciting as the technology to enable omnichannel storytelling across channels and devices has eventuated after years of hype.

“You have a good story. You needed the solution to execute on it,” he said. Now, Tsipman said, it’s about looking at the data anad the consumer path shoppers are taking to purchase your products to help shape your story.

Watch the full video interview here.