MediaMath Continues Identity Innovation with Support for Audigent’s First-to-Market Identity-Based Cookieless Header Bidder Solution

February 2, 2022 — by MediaMath    

As we say goodbye to third-party cookies, we’re committed to continue supporting a range of identifiers through our flexible identity core, which enables full-funnel targeting, frequency management and attribution, to give advertisers choice now and in the future.

To that end, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a new solution to our identity marketplace – Hadron ID™ by Audigent, a data activation, curation and identity company. The Hadron ID™ combines both audience-driven and contextual identity built for the entire supply chain and deploys as a real-time, on-page solution via Prebid. It can be applied and scaled across both buy and sell side, and includes the ability to use multiple cookieless identifiers to extend addressability beyond any single source solution. Plus, the Hadron ID™ is encrypted, so only the parties selling the ad inventory and the buyers purchasing against the deal ID can access the data, making it privacy-friendly.

As covered in AdExchanger, we, along with Freestar and The MediaGrid, helped Audigent conduct an alpha test of the Hadron ID™ with Warner Music Group-owned entertainment and pop culture news site UPROXX. The pilot included 9.15 million ad requests on UPROXX’s desktop and mobile sites, 81.05% of which contained a Hadron ID™ that could be used to reach audiences through a DSP. Ad opportunities using this ID drove 2.3 times more demand than those using cookie-based identifiers.

Combined with our test with the Lotame Panorama ID™ to see if third-party data could power cookieless targeting across all browser environments, the Hadron ID™ pilot proves that we can drive addressability without third-party cookies. MediaMath is excited to see more success stories unfold with the use of powerful, privacy-compliant cookieless technology.