MediaMath and Lotame Prove Cookieless Targeting Can Drive Addressability in the Future

January 18, 2022 — by MediaMath    

In the lead-up to cookie deprecation in 2023, brands are grappling with which identity solutions to assess and test. That’s why MediaMath gives marketers choice when it comes to evaluating the identifier best suited to their business and the ability to easily activate it through our recently updated platform built for this moment and the next.

We recently worked with the Lotame Panorama ID™, the only people-based identity solution for the open Web and part of our Identity Marketplace, to see if third-party data could be used in cookieless targeting across all browser environments for one global financial brand. This first-of-its-kind cookieless test campaign in Latin America consisted of targeting personas showing continued interest in traveling locally or abroad: “Tulum-inatis,” single, young adults with no children, and “Lady and Lord Multitask,” married individuals ages 29-45 with children.

The brand’s agency worked with Lotame to build audiences that reflected their finely crafted personas for their Latin American consumers. Leveraging the enrichment capabilities of the Lotame Panorama ID, Lotame provided the high-quality data necessary to transform the brand’s personas into targetable audiences. MediaMath then activated and optimized the segments, using the same age and intent travel parameters to target both audiences via cookie segments and Panorama ID cookieless segments. The latter delivered superior results. In addition to increased impressions, the Panorama ID campaign resulted in:

  • 2.5x more efficiency in frequency capping
  • 44% more unique individuals reached
  • A $7 cost savings in eCPM, with the cookie campaign 116% more expensive than Panorama ID

See the details of the test and the results – Read the full case study below.