MediaMath Named a TAG Trust Champion for Helping to Drive Advertising Quality and Safety Throughout the Digital Ecosystem

February 1, 2022 — by MediaMath    

MediaMath has a long heritage of fighting ad fraud up and down the digital media supply chain. Through our transparent, accountable ecosystem SOURCE, we work with a mix of proprietary techniques and third-party partners such as Human to combat invalid traffic, even on emerging channels like CTV, and do not tolerate invalid traffic being sent to our platform. We worked with the Department of Justice on the first significant takedown of two global criminal ad fraud schemes in 2018. We developed one of the first markets to curate high-quality media and were also an early implementer of ads.txt back in 2017. And as a registered, certified, long-time member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the digital ad industry’s leading self-regulatory body on fraud, brand safety and malware, we’ve worked to drive advertising quality and safety throughout the ecosystem.

Today, we are honored to be recognized as a TAG Trust Champion for some of these fraud-fighting contributions over the last year. The companies recognized as TAG Trust Champions have shared real-time intelligence and partnered to shut down malvertising attacks on a daily basis within the TAG Threat Exchange (TX), resulting in shorter and less impactful attacks across the digital ad supply chain. Some of the ways in which MediaMath has contributed to TAG’s efforts include:

  • Regular and deep involvement in TAG working groups and forums including other leading companies across the digital advertising space
  • Partnership with TAG and other TAG members to develop and maintain the highest-quality standards to protect advertisers as well as consumers
  • Sharing dialogue and insights to directly combat specific threats to the ad ecosystem in TX, which holds the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designation as the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) for the digital ad industry 

We stand in some amazing company. Past TAG Trust Champions have included Marc Pritchard of Procter & Gamble (2017); Steve Sullivan of MediaMath partner Index Exchange (2017); Louisa Wong, David Murnick, and Olga O’Donnell of partner Dentsu Aegis (2018); Dallas Lawrence, Christopher Hallenbeck, and John Murphy of partner OpenX (2018); and Lou Paskalis and Terri Schriver of Bank of America (2019). In working with these leading organizations, MediaMath’s TAG efforts have benefited its brand and agency clients by:

  • Cleaning up the often murky pipes of the programmatic ecosystem, reducing the bloat caused by both bad actors and intermediaries that don’t add value and can cost advertisers money
  • Removing fraud throughout the supply chain so advertisers can drive true marketing performance and avoid metrics inflated by bots
  • Ensuring ads don’t run adjacent to media content with illegal, unsafe or irrelevant content

MediaMath is proud to work alongside some of the leading companies in the digital advertising space to thwart fraud at every level as we build a more trustworthy, transparent supply chain for all parties now and in the future.