CCPA Implementation and the Future of Advertising

January 24, 2020 — by MediaMath    

As the industry works towards compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), concerns continue to arise about how the many new requirements can be completely met.

Our SVP of Policy & Advocacy, Daniel Sepulveda, shares his thoughts on CCPA implementation, compliance and how to build a future of digital advertising that is consumer- and competition-friendly in an op-ed on Morning Consult. Read highlights below:

“The jobs and wealth the digital advertising ecosystem creates and the innovation it fuels are worth billions of dollars. In the United States alone, digital advertising industry is worth more than $100 billion, with a significant portion of that wealth created going to California, the largest market in the country. For the last two decades companies that understand we need a set of rules in our industry have made a strong effort at self-governance, recognizing that not all uses of data or ways of getting it are ethical.”

“The CCPA was not written to turn back time and it would be difficult to articulate a regulatory reason to interpret it that way. Furthermore, the end result would be poor for everyone. It would mean that products (such as golf equipment) would need to be advertised on sites a person interested in those products would be more likely to visit (such as a golf site) regardless of whether the person viewing the ad is in the market for them.”

Read the rest of his op-ed here.