How MediaMath and LiveRamp are Collaborating to Help Marketers Reach Real People with Real Ads

January 22, 2020 — by MediaMath    

MediaMath attended RampUp London in late 2019 to speak on a panel with our SOURCE partner LiveRamp about how to solve for addressability challenges in the industry using privacy-first solutions that let marketers reach real people with real ads. Greg Williams, our Co-Founder and SVP of Strategic Partnerships, sat down with Travis Clinger, VP of Strategic Partnerships, to talk more about the integration of LiveRamp’s Identity Link with SOURCE by MediaMath, and together we can drive industry-leading addressability.

“MediaMath is taking a stand and is building an industry-level effort to drive the supply chain in a new direction, in a direction that removes discrepancies, in a direction that removes fraud from all parties and in a direction that truly creates a level of transparency from publisher to marketer across the board in a bi-directional way,” Greg said.

Talking specifically about the partnership with LiveRamp, Greg said, “It’s creating a streamlined rail between publisher and marketer such that you have a single identity space to transact on, so you can remove hops in the supply chain, so you have better match rates, so you have far more addressability, and so that you’re marketing to real humans, not just devices, in a streamlined manner. When you combine all of that together, what it really gives the marketer is a world where you see improved addressability through expanded reach in formats and devices and browsers but also in new channels such as connected TV.”

Watch the full discussion at the link below.

SOURCE by MediaMath