What is Merkle’s Cookieless Identity Platform, Merkury?

June 7, 2022 — by MediaMath    

Welcome to the latest in MediaMath’s Identity Landscape. In this series we’re providing an overview of our core identity partners to help advertisers choose the identity solution that’s right for them.

Merkle’s Merkury is an enterprise identity solution that enables the growth and ownership of first-party identity and data and the ability to deliver and measure personalized experiences in a privacy-safe way. Components include:

Merkury Identity: Digital Consumer Recognition (DCR) is a tag-based technology
that recognizes anonymous first-party digital engagers. Terrestrial Consumer Recognition (TCR) helps clients resolve offline first-party data (ex: name, address, email). Both enable advertisers to resolve all their first-party IDs to a common person-based ID and graph representative of full US population at name, address and email level. This helps clients build their “private identity graph” and power total personalized experience.

Merkury Data: Leading Merkle third-party offline sourced data consisting of thousands of proprietary and leading branded consumer data attributes pre-connected to the Merkury ID.

Merkury Connections: Enables connectivity of the Merkury ID to media publishers, ad-tech like MediaMath, and martech platforms. 40+ direct to publisher cookieless integrations and the first identity integrations with leading marketing cloud CDP solutions.

Merkury Clean Room: A privacy-safe data and analytics environment enabling users to perform advanced segmentation, modelling, and closed-loop measurement and attribution at an individual, anonymous Merkury ID level.

How it works

TCR and DCR ingest advertiser’s identity signals and resolve these to a common person-based ID (the Merkury ID). This results in the linkage of a first-party customer record or digital engagement to a Merkury ID and can be considered “onboarded” to the Merkury ID graph. Merkury then provides easy connectivity to media publishers and platforms (social, TV, traditional, etc.) to enable media planning and activation use cases. Merkury also connects to internal source systems (databases, analytics environments) and mar-tech platforms like CDPs to orchestrate real-time, personalized experiences.

Key differentiators

We’re transparent
Leading competitors pass just an ID and match rate, we pass you an ID with visibility into what makes up that match rate and the identity of consumers such as match confidence scores and types of ID linkages.

We enable enterprise marketing, not only programmatic media
Own and control a master ID across CRM, experience, media, and service. One unified ID solution vs fragmented digital, offline, and media onboarding solutions you often need to stitch together.

We help you build and own a private first-party ID graph
We help procure, grow, and connect your first-party data to deliver personalization across the total customer experience without relying on third-party cookies.

Better data means better performance
We drive consistent 30% efficiency gains in targeting and 20% ROI improvements.

We’re your partner, not a point solution
We are consultative and solutions-driven to ensure that your organization wins in the cookieless world.

Simple Connections
We were the first identity solution integrated into Adobe’s Experience Platform (AEP) and Salesforce Customer 360 (C360) CDP platforms. Merkury also has the most advanced TV connections of any identity solution so you can take advantage of Connected, Programmatic, and Addressable TV growth.

The future of identity

As third-party cookies fade, first-party identity is paramount. This change has paralyzed some organizations, and market noise has made it difficult to understand what steps should be taken now to remain ahead of the pack.

We believe that GDPR-like regimes will expand around the world, including the US, as CCPA and additional state-based regulations are indicating. The cat and mouse game that marketers have had to play with big tech organizations like Google, Facebook, and Apple as they further deprecate third-party identity and data use will undoubtably intensify. Organizations must build a cookieless identity strategy to own their first-party data and not just survive, but thrive in the near future.