MediaMath Identity: Lotame Panorama ID™ Makes Privacy-First Marketing Work Today

June 2, 2022 — by MediaMath    

Welcome to the latest in MediaMath’s Identity Landscape. In this series we’re providing an overview of our core identity partners to help advertisers choose the identity solution that’s right for them.

Introducing Lotame Panorama ID

Data accessibility and audience addressability on the open web are under threat. Lotame future proofs data connectivity to drive performance. We enable marketers, publishers, and platforms to onboard, enrich and address audiences across browsers, devices, and platforms and whatever’s next. Guided by our vision for an open and ad-supported Internet, we developed Panorama ID, the first global people-based, privacy-forward, and interoperable identity solution.

Panorama ID is a free resolution product for DSPs, SSPs, publishers and marketers. It can be deployed into bids through the Prebid open source header bidder service, via Google’s Encrypted Signal Passing service, and with our own code on page. When accompanying bid requests, the ID is addressable in all the major SSPs and DSPs in the ecosystem.

Uniquely, Panorama ID also facilitates syncing with its data providers, partners and clients through on page JavaScript tags or through offline mapping files. If a partner or marketplace wants to participate, the company offers a fast and easy technical solution.

Cookieless Targeting Works Today

As one of the most widely adopted cookieless solutions, Panorama ID is proving that cookieless targeting works today and will work tomorrow.

Not only is Panorama ID one of the fastest-growing IDs in the bid stream, it comes with buyers. Hundreds of brands and their agencies use Lotame’s data solutions to power their digital, mobile, and CTV campaigns. Every Panorama ID is enriched with the audiences that marketer clients want to target. This means that publishers who append the ID to their bid requests instantly qualify those impressions for active marketer campaigns.

Sustainable, Profitable & Privacy First

Lotame’s identity solution is proving that advertising on the open web is sustainable, profitable and privacy safe.
The company has done and continues to do the work necessary to make their connectivity solution compliant and respectful of user privacy in every jurisdiction they operate. They have enforced a fully compliant ecosystem of publishers and providers in the EU and are preparing for a similar migration in Canada and California, when those privacy standards reach maturity.

Publisher partners choose Panorama ID because it’s simple to use, connects them instantly to the marketers and brands that want to advertise on their sites, and ensures that their readers and users can trust their data is not being misused. Don’t wait until third-party cookies are gone — increase addressability today with Lotame Panorama ID.