What Happens When Ad Tech And Martech Collide?

January 28, 2016 — by Isman Tanuri    

Nearly 50 percent of customers in Australia say they own a tablet, smartphone and laptop. As consumers have started increasingly carrying out their shopping experiences across these devices—for instance, they might browse on a smartphone, cart on a tablet and ultimately click “purchase” on a laptop—, it’s become harder for marketers to identify, and appropriately target, each shopper across channels.

One evolution that can solve this issue is the convergence of mar tech and ad tech. Ad tech and mar tech essentially leverage different platforms and technologies to reach a single consumer, enabling marketers to extend their conversation with this individual from owned marketing channels to paid media. The integration of mar tech and ad tech carries several benefits for marketing such as:

  • More effective targeting
  • Cross-channel messaging
  • Re-engaging previous customers
  • Collaboration of marketing teams

Read more about what our ANZ Country Manager Stuart Bartram has to say about the mar tech/ad tech marriage in his article on B&T.