The Secret to Programmatic Success…Education!

January 27, 2016 — by Travis Barnes

The Secret to Programmatic Success

Can you believe that only 12% of UK mobile marketers consider themselves to be experts on programmatic marketing, and a staggering 44% consider themselves to have no or little knowledge on the topic! With programmatic spend changing from just being a line item on a media plan to being the media plan, it’s becoming more and more important for every marketer to understand not just what programmatic is, but how crucial it is to the future of marketing.

This is where the New Marketing Institute (NMI) comes in! We are heavily invested in educating and empowering marketers to deeply understand and activate the power of programmatic, throughout their entire advertising and marketing strategy.

The NMI has taught and certified over 8,000 learners with our award winning selection of instructor led certification courses, fully endorsed by the IAB UK.  We now have the opportunity to turn these statistics around with this series of e-learning videos developed alongside DotNative that take a deeper dive into the power of programmatic.

In these videos, you will learn why programmatic matters, how dynamic creative works and best practices when setting up and optimising a programmatic marketing campaign. It’s our goal to go beyond the basics and really empower marketers to understand programmatic and in turn make smarter decisions to drive business in the direction the industry is moving.

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