Watch the Recording of our Future of Native Panel with TripleLift

September 26, 2016 — by Sheli Steinberg    

US native ad spending is expected to surpass traditional display spending in 2016 and more than double by 2021, according to eMarketer. How should marketers and publishers prepare for native’s future growth and how can they optimize their use of this emerging channel to further brands’ business goals?

On Sept. 13th, MediaMath and TripleLift hosted a panel on the future of native advertising with partners from the brand, publisher and native platform perspectives. Moderated by VP of Global Media Partnerships, Tanuj Joshi, panelists from MediaMath, TripleLift, Café Media and Kepler discussed a range of topics, from what their definition of native is to how to make its execution better in today’s always-moving marketing landscape. We’ve made the video recording of the panel available to you below and on YouTube here.

Sheli Steinberg

Sheli Steinberg is Director of MediaMath's Global Partnerships for the Media team, where she is responsible for driving innovation and accessibility across key supply sources. She is wildly passionate about the opportunities technology brings and remains committed to pushing the envelope to create cutting-edge solutions for advertisers and publishers alike. A lifelong New Yorker, Sheli graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Economics and Mathematics. She found her true passion in adtech after leaving a career in finance where she was responsible for trading, forecasting, and managing risk for Morgan Stanley's high profile clients.