Unlocking the Full Potential of Programmatic via Customized Technology Solutions

July 19, 2018 — by Wade Ware    

To get the best performance from programmatic marketing, it often requires integrating two or more distinct platforms to enable unified campaign execution. Additionally, every company has unique business processes that can make it difficult and costly to adopt off-the-shelf technology into its daily operations. Getting the desired benefit from an enterprise technology platform often requires customized service to ensure the solution meets the unique needs of the business.

Bridging these gaps is why we created MediaMath Technology Solutions, or TechSol, one of the five professional services that we announced in May. TechSol works across three different areas of technical consulting and custom solution development: Business Process Automation, Technology Integration and Product Customization. Business Process Automation solutions help our clients to embed our technology deeply into their existing business processes to minimize repetitive tasks and increase the efficiency of operational teams. Technology Integrations, among other benefits, enable clients to pull together actionable data from across the enterprise to amplify their marketing efforts and drive greater business outcomes. In some situations, TechSol also enables customization of our product suite to solve specific challenges.

Our TechSol consultants are experts in the MediaMath platform who help our clients to maximize their investment in our technology by discovering each client’s unique business objectives, current challenges and criteria for success, while identifying potential solutions before aligning on the best path forward.

A closer look

What does this mean in practice? Consider these client success stories:

  • A concert promoter cuts time to launch a tour by 99 percent: A North American concert promoter wanted to increase ticket sales for nationally promoted tours and also let affiliate tour operators launch promotions for local shows on a self-service basis. In this case, the client needed to enable rapid, automated translation and onboarding of its proprietary media planning template into MediaMath’s demand-side platform to scale up tour promotion launch velocity. The TechSol team worked to do this by reducing the need for manual data entry (which had been executed via an order form). The concert promoter launched 192 new tours in two months, onboarding more than 1,400 new campaigns and $1.7 million in media spending. In the process, it cut the time to launch a tour by 99 percent over the manual process, saving more than 2,550 hours.
  • An online gaming operator cuts campaign optimization time by 60 percent: Similarly, a UK-based online gaming firm wanted to save employee hours by automating a large portion of its standard campaign optimization process. In particular, the client wanted to reduce the time traders spent executing weekly pacing changes. TechSol’s solution let them apply scheduled changes in bulk and provided granular control to adjust multiple pacing levers. After initiating those scheduled changes, the client reduced the time needed for campaign optimizations by 60 percent.
  • A consumer packaged goods company increases audience insights by 20X. A global CPG giant wanted to supplement its first-party data to get a more comprehensive view of its potential audiences. In this case, TechSol integrated the client’s native video supply partner and DMP to activate a proprietary data-sharing agreement. User interaction data sent to MediaMath on bid opportunities from publishers in the partner’s video marketplace were categorized by standard IAB contextual classifications and exposed within the client’s DMP. In just a week, TechSol scaled the volume of data processed through the integration by 20X to over 130 million bid opportunities per day, resulting in over 14 million unique user data points provided to the CPG to power deeper consumer insights.

These are just a few examples. TechSol is working with many other clients to extend MediaMath technology to maximize business impact—the proof is in the results.