Your DSP Won’t Talk Back to You, but We Will

May 3, 2018 — by Anna Grodecka-Grad    

Tech doesn’t talk. Ours doesn’t, nor does our competition’s. Yes, tech has certainly come a long way since programmatic began 10 years ago, and digital a decade before it. It helps you make sense of a volume of data no human ever could, connects the dots, assesses billions of impressions, can even train itself to behave like a human—but a human, it is not. It can’t tell you which technology to test next, the next big emerging channel, teach you the most basic to the most sophisticated of programmatic concepts or design a custom solution for you.

We know that even with all this fancy machinery, you still need human expertise to maximize your marketing investments and prove ROI to your business. And we don’t just mean handing you an account lead and calling it a day. The space is constantly changing and so, too, must your knowledge and capabilities. That can only happen with a strategic partner who is in it for the long-haul with you, who can invest the human capital to make your business a success.

That’s why MediaMath has restructured its professional services (also known as ProServe) arm to better serve our clients with the best resources who can give them consultative support, customized offerings and ongoing education. After all, we’re not just a tech business. We’re are indeed a talent company with over 100 professional experts who can walk you through every stage of your programmatic journey.

Take this example case study from our campaign management offering, conducted by our Programmatic Strategy and Optimization team and our Analytics team. Increasing KPIs under the same budget is easy. To do it while increasing scale is not. ProServe showed the client how.

But let’s address the elephant in the room. What does our tech company’s investment in a consultative arm that depends on human expertise mean in the man vs machine discussion? Well, we think machines should take over a lot of the tasks we are currently performing here at MediaMath, and in ProServe in particular. If our goal is to be more efficient, outcomes-oriented and the catalyst for customer delight, we need machines that crunch the data, that power the algorithms, that tell us exactly how to orchestrate a personalized add to the same user across devices.

Technology will continually infringe on what is currently considered “human” work in adtech, just like it did to auto manufacturing in the 70s, and we welcome that. That said, there will always be a need for creative thought and strategy, the need to read the feelings and faces of clients when pitching a new idea or giving a QBR. Those things require a human.

As the technology in our space rapidly improves, the talent will follow suit, shifting to compete more on quant, on outcomes, on higher-order thinking. We look forward to being a part of this shift with you.

Anna Grodecka-Grad

Anna is Chief Services Officer at MediaMath. Anna and her team are the linchpin, conduit and last-mile, working collaboratively with our clients and our technology organization in a centralized, thoughtful way to ensure that our product offerings are truly in service of the market’s needs and expectations. In her role, Anna oversees the Global Solutions Engineering Team as well as the Global Professional Services Team. Passionate about all things quantitative, her first career was in academia. Anna earned a PhD in Theoretical Quantum Physics and continued as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, developing quantitative models for design and optimization of quantum information storage & processing protocols in quantum computers using nanotechnology.