Rubicon and Telaria Merger Bolsters Efforts to Bring Accountability and Addressability to the Ecosystem

December 20, 2019 — by MediaMath    

We applaud the announcement yesterday by two industry leaders, Rubicon and Telaria, which when combined, can bring walled garden scale to premium publishers while remaining “open” to the needs of the enterprise marketer.

Walled gardens are convenient, but they’re opaque. You don’t know what works, and you’re renting your own customer understanding. Advertisers deserve an open alternative—this merger creates a scaled sell-side offering on the open Internet.

CTV also certainly presents a massive growth opportunity with an advertising medium that extends the omnichannel capabilities that benefit marketers and consumers across all screens, while rewarding fairly the content creator and distributor that enables it. We look forward to working together to bring additional inventory to SOURCE to further help deliver the planning, targeting, creative management and analytic capabilities that marketers expect from TV.

As two of our flagship SOURCE launch partners, we believe the Rubicon and Telaria merger strengthens our collective efforts to bring 100 percent accountability and addressability to the supply chain by the end of 2020.