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May 19, 2015 — by Cindy Lamar    

Ad tech attracts people from many disciplines and for many reasons. I came to MediaMath to become the “Platform Trainer” without a shred of knowledge about the field. What I brought with me is my passion for teaching and learning, and a curious mind that thrives on conquering new technologies, not so much those off-the-shelf varieties, but those born of entrepreneurial, start-up moxie. As a technology trainer, it’s been my path to join companies for rollouts, learn proprietary programs and deliver instruction to enable others to use new software. What I am finding in the ad tech world is that the pace of change in the industry of digital advertising far outpaces anyone’s ability to know it all. There is no end to the learning. If you are in marketing (and what business isn’t?), it is essential that you gain an understanding of how to “speak programmatic” in addition to whatever else your role entails. Technology changes constantly – like everything else in life, only faster! Just when you think you are close to understanding it all shifts and the learning starts again. Welcome to ad tech!

The New Marketing Institute, MediaMath’s education branch, runs an educational event called the New Marketing Institute Boot Camp, which packs 4 certification modules into one day of training. This program serves to educate savvy business people looking to change careers, modern marketers wanting to deepen their understanding of programmatic buying and college and university students looking to supplement their school’s curriculum with real-world, information about digital marketing from MediaMath, one of the leaders on the digital marketing landscape.

Marketing has undergone radical changes and companies are increasing their ad budgets for digital marketing. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (, a premiere resource for digital advertising, published a piece that highlights this increase, noting that “US Internet ad revenues reach record-breaking $49.5 billion in 2014.”  As marketers strive to use all available avenues to reach new prospects and build relationships with existing customers, many companies are turning to a multi-pronged approach, or what’s referred to as omni-channel marketing. In fact, brands have seen such great success with multichannel programmatic marketing that two-thirds of brands are driving even more media dollars to programmatic, according to a 2015 survey of retail marketers conducted by WBR Digital and MediaMath.

The reach of programmatic buying is expanding as marketing turns to multiple formats for better results. At MediaMath we encourage the use of omni-channel marketing through video, mobile and social marketing to empower marketers to reach consumers where they are. These methods seize upon the power of programmatic buying to optimize campaigns, and target the right audiences with the right just-in-time messaging.

How can you stay on top of these growing streams of marketing revenue and abreast of the latest trends? With so much flux, the only way to keep up is through learning. You must keep learning and growing your skills lest they become stale. Training refreshes your skill set and can add a much needed piece to the career puzzle, making your contributions to any organization more valuable. University and college marketing departments are jumping on the Programmatic buying band wagon because they see what’s happening in the market and they are working with ad tech companies, such as MediaMath, to integrate this new wave of marketing into their curricula.

If you want to learn about how digital marketing works, gain valuable knowledge of the way video marketing operates and permeates both desktop and mobile, and find out the latest trends and practices in social, video and mobile marketing, you will gain that and more from participating in the New Marketing Institute Boot Camp. Ad tech is still a relatively new area but MediaMath is helping to shape its future.

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