Programmatic Marketing: It’s Not One Size Fits All

May 13, 2015 — by Spencer Phillips    

Edwin Lee, Global VP Retail, MediaMath, recently presented at the Digiday Brand Summit, where he addressed the fact that advertisers are demanding better ROI for their media investments, and that the need for technology solutions is critical to deliver the marketing efficiency and accountability they seek; automation has emerged to meet that demand in the form of programmatic technology.

Programmatic technology provides marketing with accountability, and transparency, into the performance of marketing campaigns, however, these aren’t the only benefits of programmatic. Programmatic marketing also provides marketers with the ability to:

● Connect media, audience, and creative to achieve marketing goals
● Engage consumers across channels & devices in an individualized, sequenced way
● Access all digital media inventory from display to social to video to mobile to emerging channels

As a result of the benefits afforded by using programmatic technology, the modes of media buying management have proliferated in the programmatic space. It has become clear that managing programmatic is not a one size fits all – each brand has distinct needs and, as such, the way that they manage their programmatic media will differ. MediaMath finds the most value created, and greatest efficiencies gained, when marketers work directly with the technology partner, or work together with their agency to manage the technology. This later scenario, the triumvirate of agency, brand and technology partner, marries the benefits of having an having an agency relationship (providing data-driven creative services and pooled media buying) with a direct technology relationship (providing greater comfort deploying first-party data, better integration with internal systems, and normalized measurement across all media and campaigns).

The below infographic outlines the four most common modes of programmatic management. Answer the questions in the infographic to see which mode of programmatic management is best suited to your business.