Q1 2020 Events Wrap-Up: Digital Advertising Works When Run Through Accountable & Addressable Pipes

March 27, 2020 — by MediaMath    

As we head into what is sure to be a dynamic Q2 in which 90 percent of B2B industry events have been canceled, postponed or converted into digital experiences, we’ve been reflecting on the powerful conversations and content from Q1 events CES, ANA Masters of Data and Technology and RampUp. Even in uncertain times, the major takeaway for us remains the same: when executed through accountable and addressable pipes, digital advertising provides full media-cost transparency, eliminates non-working media and allows you to bid with confidence. Check out some video highlights below.

Wil Schobeiri, our CTO and CPO, participated in a panel on identity with SOURCE anchor partner Rubicon at CES. Wil shared that his prediction for a top 2020 trend is ongoing consolidation in the industry to cut down on the number of duplicative solutions in the space. “I think it’s ultimately healthy and will sort of help all of us and the consumer especially not have to necessarily worry about their data being spread across too many touchpoints that they don’t have control over.”

Next up, our Global Head of Ecosystem Jeremy Steinberg participated in a panel on addressability at RampUp with SOURCE partner LiveRamp, Digitas and Adweek. He spoke with Beet.TV about the continued momentum of SOURCE to make real the industry’s ideal response to “transparency” concerns. “We’re building it, we’ve built the first version of it that we have brands live and running right now, and seeing great outcomes. And now we’re going to keep iterating over time because we want the whole industry to adopt this new framework and this new approach to advertising.”

Speaking of brands who have signed up for SOURCE, one of the highlights of our attendance at ANA Masters of Data and Technology was a shoutout by IBM Senior Vice President and CMO Michelle Peluso about the great results they are seeing running spend through our more transparent, accountable pipes. Our Founder and CEO Joe Zawadzki called for “radical transparency” during his panel “Bringing Transparency to the Programmatic Supply Chain” with representatives from IBM, Merkury, Forrester and TRUSTX. “If you start doing logical things as an industry and you just focus on the long-term as opposed to the short-term, you’re willing to make some disruption to business, you can actually make a huge leap forward in how this industry works,” Joe said.