Programmatic Advertising: Where Does the Journey Go in Austria?

September 9, 2016 — by Lauren Fritsky    

Where is the current opportunity and challenge for programmatic marketing in Austria? In this translated excerpt from the German publication, Viktor Zawadzki, Region Manager, DACH, for MediaMath, says that one still untapped opportunity in the region is data management.

“A large area in which advertisers still limit themselves is data management,” Zawadzki says. He recommends a data management platform to bring more structure to all of the data that lives inside an organization. “Very few have so far managed their internal databases to connect so that they have a holistic perspective on their internal processes and their interaction with external activities.”

Zawadzki admits that it is not lack of willingness but simply a matter of the complexity of an undertaking like this. In Germany, programmatic marketing has yet to be adopted as the standard for media buying. In the rest of the world, marketers are making giant strides. “In North America, in 2016, already 63 percent of spending on display ads is made programmatically, and the UK is also positioning itself as an aggressive growth driver, spending two billion pounds,” he says. “We see in the United States that analog channels such as print, out-of-home, radio or connected TV are now able to be bought programmatically.”

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