MediaMath in Conversation with Smart Adserver on Driving Advertiser Outcomes and Achieving Better Monetization for Publishers

December 7, 2020 — by MediaMath    

In October 2020, we released the new SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard to continue our quest to offer unmatched access to data and transparency in the digital supply chain. The Scorecard is a configurable setting that provides brands and agencies confidence in where their advertising dollars go regardless of the channel.

Demands for greater transparency are everywhere. In May 2020, the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) released the findings of its two-year-long research into the workings and value of the current programmatic supply chain. There are several callouts and recommendations in ISBA’s report for all players in the industry to strive toward that more transparent, efficient supply chain—and they are things we are already doing with our partners.

As part of the Winter Ad Tech Virtual Event, Vignesh Narayanan, Senior Director, Media Partnerships, MediaMath recently spoke virtually with our partner David Pironon, Chief Programmatic Officer, Smart Adserver about how the industry has been working to solve some of these challenges since ISBA released its report and how through our new Scorecard they are helping drive advertiser outcomes and achieving better monetization for publishers. Watch a recording of the panel here.

Watch a recording of the panel here:

Smart is well aligned with MediaMath on the vision of a high-quality, transparent and healthier digital advertising industry. Smart has been an early adopter of new market standards and best practices in ensuring both publisher and ad quality as well as taking industry-leading roles in early proofs of concept such as Trust.ID.

Among these, Smart was an early leader in the adoption of ads.txt, app ads.txt and, more recently, sellers.json and SCO, all of which are meant to benefit both sides of the business:

  • For brands, quality audience in premium publisher environments on every channel, format and device with the assurance of brand safety and efficient investments
  • For premium publishers, not only a better valuation of their quality inventory, which will ultimately lead to an increase in revenues, but also a better understanding of the value added by each tech partner and the opportunity to optimize their monetisation path.

The alignment of core values and operational excellence provides a strong foundation for the integration between MediaMath and Smart. Together, we take a shared interest business approach, bringing advertisers and publishers the best-in-class, highest-quality advertising ecosystem.