Investing in Talent Behind the Tech: A Q&A with our New SVP of Professional Services, TJ Ceballos

September 13, 2019 — by Cameron Williams    

TJ Ceballos is a 15-year media experienced titan.

Back in May, we had the pleasure of welcoming TJ Ceballos to the Professional Services team as Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations. In this role, TJ is helping the company with scaling Professional Services teams, focusing on seamless customer engagements and deepening the commitment to ensure customers get the most out of their investment in partnership with MediaMath.

“Our team is growing and scaling to meet the needs of our clients, who increasingly look to consultative partners to help them navigate the world of programmatic. As the industry is progressing and evolving and as our technology is progressing and evolving, so does the expectation of our clients and partners to have a trusted advisor,” said Anna Grodecka-Grad, Chief Services Officer, MediaMath. “Our continued and accelerated growth requires expertise that will support our efforts on a global scale, and the depth of TJ’s experience is a perfect fit.”

I caught up with TJ to discuss his background, goals for the ProServ Team, as well as how we can continually evolve our marketing programs and strategy to reach and exceed business objectives.

What were you doing before this?

Before joining MediaMath this past May, I was GM of Enterprise Business Development at The Trade Desk. Prior to that, I worked as VP of Professional Services at Operative and VP of Solution Management at Affinity Express.

What made you decide to join MediaMath?

I was so excited about the chance to join MM’s award-winning Professional Services organization. Every organization is a reflection of its leader and this one is no exception. Anna’s commitment to the ongoing optimization of the customer lifecycle was a compelling opportunity. Her vision for the role and the potential impact to the customer experience were too amazing to pass up.

What are your short-term goals for the role?

My short-term goal is to focus on leveraging my experience in building and scaling Professional Services organizations to support the amazing leadership in place. Improve our customer engagement model and drive deeper on our commitment to ensure our customers get the most out of their investment in a partnership with MM.

What value is your remittance adding to MediaMath? To the industry?

A seasoned executive who measures his personal value on a commitment to his customers success by establishing long-lasting relationships.

How do you intend to support MediaMath’s mission to reimagine a modernized supply chain that is transparent and accountable?

I will bring a wealth of relationships and experience in programmatic industry. I will help to shape and architect the services and customer engagements required to deliver this next generation of supply ecosystem.

How do you view the intersection of talent and tech in the industry?

Success in programmatic is predicated on finding the right balance of man and machine. The ideal scenario is to map your entire offering and map the responsibilities of both to drive successful outcomes for your customers.