Have the Best of Both Worlds; TV Metrics & Digital Video Performance

December 3, 2014 — by John DeFilippis    

With programmatic spending growth predicted to remain strong for the next several years, agency and brand marketers alike have the opportunity to engage consumers  in a wide variety of ad formats and channels, programmatically. And video, as a channel, is only on track to grow. Online video ad revenue will reach $5 billion by 2016, and video has the highest click-through rates of all ad formats, according to Business Insider. As a result, marketers are moving spend from TV to digital video, with the “desire to measure the effects of advertising” cited as a top priority by the CEO of Omnicom Group’s media operations, when speaking about his clients, in this interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Marketers who know and rely on TV metrics, like GRP, but want the performance of digital video advertising can now have their cake and eat it too. MediaMath has introduced the Nielsen OCR App within TerminalOne™, which allows advertisers greater insight into the effectiveness and reach of their online video and display advertising campaigns. The audience reaching methods of TV and digital video, often dissimilar, are easily and effectively blended when viewing the daily reporting made available by Nielsen that is piped directly into the TerminalOne app. As additional campaign data points are leveraged with OCR data the in-target audience optimization potential becomes even greater. The power of digital video to extend TV audiences to otherwise unreachable customers finds a key measurement piece in OCR reporting.

Comparable to Nielsen TV ratings, the Nielsen OCR App allows advertisers to see audience metrics, like GRPs, from online video and display campaigns. Along with audience metrics, the Nielsen OCR app also allows advertisers to tag their creatives and generate Nielsen OCR reports in one centralized marketing operating system, without additional setup with Nielsen.

To learn more about the Nielsen OCR App, visit the OPEN App Marketplace.