Digital is Key for “All Encompassing” Marketing

July 9, 2015 — by Ricky Liversidge    

MediaMath is committed to creating an open ecosystem for digital marketers which allows them to customize their marketing stacks and drive outcomes against their unique business goals. Our consumers are marketers and advertisers, so in an effort to educate marketers about the most impactful trends, help them navigate the landscape, and share the unique perspectives of our partners, we’ve asked the CMOs and heads of marketing from partner companies to share their thoughts on their particular pocket of the industry. Ricky Liversidge, CMO at Peer39 by Sizmek, a MediaMath Platinum Certified OPEN partner, shares his thoughts on the current state of digital marketing, and the importance of the CMO in the 4th installment of our “Keep it OPEN” Series.

How do you find that being a CMO in a digital space differs from being a CMO in another vertical?

The most interesting thing about being a CMO in this industry is that the pace is lightning quick, the market is highly competitive, and innovation is the main feeder of differentiation—the early mover advantage can be extremely rewarding, and even necessary, for some brands. As a CMO in the digital space, I am reminded daily how the amount of time for creative builds gets shorter and yet more complicated, campaign execution more fragmented and less streamlined, and consumers less attentive yet more demanding. Plus, campaigns evolve rather than have a start and a finish. Most of all, it’s about performance and winning—we all have that in common in this discipline we call “marketing.”

What do you find is the most exciting aspect of working in the ad tech space?

Innovation. Most get stuck on the technology, but it is much more than just technology—it’s about partnerships and the rapid evolution of our business. In ad tech, your competitors are all around you and can come from anywhere, some with financial muscle and others with just heart and speed. While they may be competitors, they can also be partners, and for the most part, that’s the dance this industry does on a daily basis.

What are some of the challenges you face as a CMO in this industry?

The space is highly competitive, and unfortunately, this leads to the dissemination of many claims and untruths. The industry thrives on hype, and we don’t see enough of those who are focused on solving the real issues, such as standards, technology integration, system flexibility, data accuracy, and fraudulent behavior.

How would you like to see the ad tech space evolve?

I always want everything. I want innovation in a great startup culture. Yet I want consolidation provided through the lens of open standards, where advertisers and their agencies can build their own ad management platforms without the restrictions that some dominant inventory owners demand.

Explain some ways it’s increasingly important for every CMO to be versed in digital.

CMOs have a lot on their plates, but the most important—without a doubt—are their business goals. Digital has lots to offer in its own right, but for me, what’s golden is the balancing of “all encompassing” marketing: building out experiences and campaigns that are always on, yet can evolve at the flick of a switch. This means streamlined execution between data and creative, digital that can behave like social across all channels, and, of course, the best in content and creative marketing. If you are inspired—your customers can be as well.

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