NMI Announces New Video Content Series

By now you all know how much the New Marketing Institute loves to meet the learner where they are! But how exactly do we do that? Well, one way is through providing education that is inclusive, free from bias and accessible to all.

We understand that everyone has diverse learning styles and capabilities. That’s why we are evolving our blended learning approach to include an even wider variety of learning channels and methods. Our brand-new video content, available on the NMI website now, marks a significant step in our expansion.

Video as a learning channel enables “affective learning” — this refers to the way in which we form our appreciation, attitudes, values and motivations towards a given topic. It can also help us with mastery learning in that it allows us to view complex procedures numerous times and at our own pace.

Visit the NMI website now so that you and your clients can benefit from these handy bitesize videos, which cover topics such as advertising essentials, programmatic buying, data types, CRM and attribution. They are free to access, so check them out and get sharing!

But don’t get too excited as this is just a taster of what is to come with our eLearning offering! Look out for the launch of NMI’s Learning Management System, which will be available to clients in H2 this year.

Check out our first installment below as we break down data: