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Goal-Based Marketing

MediaMath turns on its head the traditional approach to media: the old way used media properties as rough proxies for audience reach, and audience reach as coarse substitutes for business results. MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating SystemTM  (T1 MOS™) provides a powerful new way: our intuitive platform enables marketers to control their entire marketing ecosystem. You begin by identifying the quantifiable marketing goals your business is looking to achieve, from awareness to engagement to conversion to loyalty. Advanced algorithms mine a vast universe of available data, both online and offline, to identify the precise combinations of audiences, media, and messages that will best achieve those outcomes, and automatically execute ad buying in real time across all digital channels. As markets move and your goals change, our system adapts at the push of a button, giving you comprehensive control over outcomes and driving continuously increasing returns on your marketing spend.

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Brand Awareness & Engagement

Brand marketers are constantly seeking new ways to reach, engage, and excite audiences about their brands. Unfortunately, most have only blunt instruments to execute and measure those efforts, such as demographic indices of media properties based on extrapolations from small data sets; moreover, most have no way to ensure that brand messages actually hit their mark. And few can accurately measure the true impact of brand spend. Until now.

End the waste by delivering 100% of your brand impressions to consumers who are actually in your target audience.  Don’t buy the haystack to find the needle. Don’t buy chaff when all you want is wheat.  Remember, it is the same customer or potential customer behind all of those screens. Reach them seamlessly across publishers and media channels, with the ability to control reach and frequency, globally, across every digital touchpoint.

With MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ (T1 MOS™), you can reimagine performance around your branding efforts:

  • Control where your brand is seen. Maximize the impact of your brand messaging by controlling the environment in which your message is delivered – ensuring contextually relevant content, ad viewability, and more
  • Understand true brand lift. Leverage advanced brand analytics capabilities, including solutions from every leading brand measurement technology in the marketplace, to quantify lift in metrics such as brand awareness, affinity, purchase intent, and more
  • Achieve your outcomes. Optimize to the brand outcomes you are looking to achieve by using sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to understand which segments, media properties, and creative executions will drive desired outcomes most efficiently and effectively.
  • Glean the actionable insights about your brands and your customers. Generate insights from powerful and transparent reporting spanning your entire brand marketing efforts, including reach and frequency analysis, audiences and media partner overlaps, detailed audience profiling, integrated analytics from partners like Nielsen and comScore, and more.
  • Integrate best-of-breed solutions from across the digital ecosystem. Bring your existing relationships or tap into the expertise of more than 250 partners through our OPEN Partner Marketplace.
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Direct Response & Conversion

Direct response marketers understand the importance of data-driven marketing, and the importance of using sophisticated models to de-average results and drive maximum impact. As the size, speed, and complexity of data has grown, DR marketers have faced multiple challenges in adapting their traditional approaches to these tasks, such as managing the migration from shallow metrics like clicks to deeper metrics like ROI, or merging siloed media and CRM data from online and offline sources to inform targeting, optimization, and analytics. Staying ahead of the data and harnessing its full power has proven challenging even for the most sophisticated DR experts. Until now.

Using sophisticated algorithms, our TerminalOne MOS™, allows marketers to reach unprecedented scale in delivering the right message to the right person.  Make the creative units customizable by individual, ranging from items in Facebook News Feeds to banner ads to fully immersive sight, sound, and motion 30-second spots on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Pay a variable price based on predicted value for each impression. Change strategies based on real-time feedback.

With MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™, you can reimagine performance around your direct response efforts:

  • Define goals that matter for your bottom line. Set your transaction-level online and offline ROI goals, then optimize media investments against those goals
  • Integrate your CRM data.  Onboard CRM data into TerminalOne to target your customers more precisely and optimize every engagement; then measure the results to better understand the lifetime value of your customers, one by one
  • Implement custom attribution models at the impression level.  Ensure maximum incremental value to your business from every touch point
  • Optimize retargeting across multiple dimensions.  From audience and product to recency and frequency, and more – with dynamically produced creative messages
  • Scale prospecting efforts.  Identify, reach, and engage prospects more efficiently and effectively to drive increased conversion rates
  • Optimize your buying with advanced algorithms. Respond to market movements, changing consumer behaviors, competitive media dynamics, shifting customer outcomes (and their value), and more in real time.  Apply your custom algorithms too
  • Understand the underlying drivers of performance.  Get full transparency into granular data and algorithmic outputs – no need to guess what worked, the story unfolds before your eyes
  • Integrate best-of-breed solutions across digital ecosystem. Bring your existing relationships or tap into the expertise of our more than 250 partners through our OPEN Partner Marketplace.
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Loyalty & Retention

The consumer journey doesn’t end with a purchase. Loyalty marketers know that the variation in customer lifetime value is enormous. They’re also keenly aware of how critical it is to deepen loyalty, engagement, and advocacy among existing customers to drive market share and revenues. In a highly fragmented digital marketplace, success in loyalty marketing requires a unified view of the customer. That means integrating data, content, campaign management, and analytics into a unified marketing system, which has been a difficult challenge. Until now.

Once you’ve earned a customer, maintaining a dialog and continuing to offer value is critical. Not to mention the promise of turning this new customer into an advocate for your brand. So, instead of waiting for customers to re-engage with you, the TerminalOne MOS ™ enables you to expand your relationships by providing compelling content and messages at the touch of a button. And it can help you do so for customers wherever they are – whether at the office on their laptop, at home on their desktop, or in a taxi on their iPad. 

With MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™, you can reimagine performance with your loyalty marketing efforts: 

  • Integrate your loyalty data. Segment your customers based on metrics that matter most to your business
  • Profile critical target segments. From high-value to at-risk customers, understand attributes, behaviors, preferences, and other actionable insights
  • Execute cross-channel media campaigns. Optimize for cross-sell, up-sell, or loyalty program acquisition using the same tools and workflow as other marketing efforts
  • Manage messaging at the consumer level. Use data-driven creative optimization dynamically or on the fly to put the right message in front of the right customer at the right time
  • Connect all your paid, owned, and earned digital loyalty marketing efforts. Site optimization, social media, e-mail, surveys, and more are accessible from one platform
  • Integrate best-of-breed solutions from across the digital ecosystem. Bring your existing relationships or tap into the expertise of our more than 250 partners through our OPEN Partner Marketplace.
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Full Customer Lifecycle

Modern marketers understand that the consumer journey is complex, constantly shifting, and nonlinear, rather than neatly funnel-shaped, and that every marketing touchpoint contributes to a consumer’s overall brand experience. A holistic approach to marketing and measurement across brands, channels, and customer lifecycles is more strategically important than ever. Yet with the proliferation of media channels and data, it has become increasingly difficult not only to aggregate all the relevant information, but also to understand the impact of each individual interaction. Until now.

Think about how you engage with brands.  How do you consume information and how important is relevance to you as a consumer.  Take shopping for a new car.  You want that new electric one, right?  You do some research, frequently interrupted by kids and work. Take a test drive at a conference. Configure your dream car as if price were no object. Ask other owners and your friends to tell you what they think. Put down a refundable deposit. Get distracted by life. Wonder if the new model is coming out soon. Pull the trigger. Maybe you just saw one and bought one. Or maybe it was a hybrid, instead.

Your journey is a random walk. “Big Data,” optimization, and machine learning help find the patterns across the random walks of millions of potential and actual customers. It helps you guide the journey for each of your new proto-passionate brand loyalists based on their particular path. Your job is to clear the underbrush. To reduce friction and to smooth the path. You can’t do that manually for 80 billion individual ad impressions a day. You need automation – marketing automation – to handle this task. You need to put the dynamics of Moore’s Law to work for your business. That means you need technology and math – and the power they can provide to meet your marketing goals.

With MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™, you can reimagine performance for your entire customer lifecycle:

  • Merge customer and media data across all channels. Online and offline systems combined into a single actionable environment
  • Define the stages of the consumer journey that matter for your business.  Understand how effectively and efficiently you are moving consumers through each stage of the journey
  • Leverage sophisticated machine learning to optimize for any metric. View results at any stage of the customer lifecycle and optimize as needed
  • Measure spend and performance at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Quantify the impact of your marketing across the journey (e.g., brand lift from DR marketing, conversions driven directly from branding efforts, etc.)
  • Manage campaigns and media assets across all channels. Display, video, social, mobile, and other channels become accessible through a single interface for workflow management, optimization, and analysis
  • Understand precisely how your entire program works. Insight into audiences you are reaching across channels lets you minimize overlap and waste
  • Integrate best-of-breed solutions from across the digital media ecosystem. Bring your existing relationships or tap into the expertise of our more than 250 partners through our OPEN Partner Marketplace.
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