MediaMath: Empowering the new breed of marketing professionals

The Mad Men of the 1960s helped define the way business has been done in our industry for the last 50 years. With the advent of digital technology, interactive channels and vast amounts of data, a new breed of advertising professional has emerged - Math Men and Math Women.

What do they do? They use data to understand consumer behavior and identify opportunities. They translate those insights into integrated marketing strategies across channels, with clear and measurable goals. They use advanced analytics to identify the media and audiences that will best reach those goals, and quantify the value of each. They analyze results and optimize to deliver more of what's working and less of what isn't, and they do it every day. In short, they use technology and data to turn ideas into results.

At MediaMath (founded 2007), we've built the tools that enable and empower this new breed of marketing professional. Our TerminalOne Marketing Operating System allows agencies and advertisers to plan, execute, optimize, and analyze marketing programs across the digital landscape.

The result?  Greater efficiency, measurably superior performance of each advertising dollar and strategic media and audience insights to drive smarter decision-making for the new generation of Math Men.


Key corporate facts

  • 260 employees
  • Offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, London
  • Majority owned by employees, funded by Safeguard Scientifics (SFE), QED Investors, Observatory Capital & Catalyst Partners
  • Regularly featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Advertising Age, AdWeek, Digiday, ClickZ, Mediapost, ExchangeWire, AdExchanger
  • Key clients include every major agency holding company, operating agency and top brands like American Express, General Mills, Prudential & Kayak
  • Triple-digit year-over-year revenue growth since inception

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MediaMath invented the demand side platform (DSP) and today, the MediaMath Marketing Operating System, TerminalOne, powers the marketing practice of more than 3,500 brands. Our merry band of entrepreneurs, marketers, technologists, and quants hail from companies such as Google, AOL, Yahoo!, McKinsey, DoubleClick, Havas and Rosetta. Interested in joining us?
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