Today, the average U.S. adult owns 8 devices, a number expected to grow to at least 13 by the year 2022. Combined with a complex and fragmented ad tech ecosystem, government regulatory changes and growing demand from consumers to control their data, marketers need a unified identity solution that puts consumers at the forefront.

By enabling marketers to access a single, omnichannel view of their customers and then own and use that understanding across media activation, we drive relevance at every stage of a consumer’s journey with privacy and respect in mind.

MediaMath Identity is an open, portable, and privacy-friendly cross-device solution for pseudonymous audiences.

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Components of our solution


Utilize a common ID to recognize your consumers. This solves for data loss and expands reach by increasing match rates and eliminating multiple touchpoints.



‍Gain deeper insight into your consumers by enhancing first-party data with observed interest, transactional, and location attributes.


‍Build better consumer experiences across devices with our deterministic-first graph, enabling consistent messaging and frequency across all channels.



‍Take back control with our open, portable identity solution that enables user-level measurement and optimization across all platforms everywhere.

All would not be possible without first and foremost respecting the consumer’s rights. MediaMath is committed to providing consumers an informed choice about the use of their information.

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Our Unique Approach to Identity



Respecting the rights and privacy of the consumer restores the value exchange of relevant, personalized advertising.


Consumer recognition operates on a common, neutral ID with data exportable down to the log level.


MediaMath Identity is integrated with partners like Akamai and DigiTrust that share our vision.


Our expansive media footprint enables our solution to incorporate unique and observed data to power audience insights.

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