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MediaMath + Publishers

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Publishers want to generate great content and monetize it at the same time. In the new age of marketing and advertising, this requires a new way to sell. Publishers are adapting to a changed buyer market. They increasingly solve two core challenges: the value of their impressions onsite and the value of their audience data in order to maximize yield across the spectrum of direct and indirect sales. We connect you with top brands and agencies, that represent 180 billion impressions per day. Our open ecosystem gives you the tools and applications to make these connections effective and simple.

eBay’s Journey to Self-Service

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The platform allows us to customise and advance client campaigns, and create pilot studies for new real-time systems including the connection of mobile devices from desktops. Our Platinum status also ensures we can access data unavailable to other providers and so are able to develop smarter products as a result. Boudewijn van Ewijk, Managing Partner, MediaScience
MediaMath is a leader in the industry and provides Just Media with the technology backbone – their TerminalOne Marketing OS – to allow our media team to trade across all leading digital advertising channels… The fact that we have 100% of clients using this technology is testament to how important it has become. Dick Reed, CEO, Just Media
MediaMath has been a partner of eBay’s in multiple markets for the last two years... They understand the value of our unique targeting data and help us extract maximum marketing value from it across the programmatic channel. Christian Kobusch, Manager Internet Marketing, eBay Australia & New Zealand
We utilize MediaMath to really understand and measure where we should be spending our marketing dollars… What we love about MediaMath is it gives us one view into the internet… MediaMath is a formula one race car. Chris McCann, President & COO,