Why Buzz Lightyear Is the Ideal Coworker

February 9, 2017 — by Ronika Vyas    

Imagine This.

If you can’t build a macro in excel with your eyes closed, you can’t get a job.

If you don’t understand the likes of data attribution or programming languages, you can’t get a job.

And above all, if you can’t effectively articulate how to do the above to others — well, good luck.

Truth is, you don’t have to imagine it. Transformation in technology and its inevitable reshaping of the job market is our modern-day reality. According to a 2013 Oxford University Study, nearly 47 percent of jobs will be replaced by technology in the next 20 years and beyond.

The relationship our society has developed with tech is truly paving the way for a newly defined view on human interaction and ultimate job security. The more you choose to become tech savvy, the greater your chance is of staying relevant and employed.

And so here’s a round of applause for the parents and academic institutions pushing STEM as a proactive education measure i.e., building it [the skill] before the world needs it [tomorrow].

Yet as tech continues to be an integral part of our lives, some may feel it may be over glorified. To beat out competition for job security by independently developing technical skills, are we losing our cognitive ability to communicate effectively with one another? Does technological advancement characteristically devalue the need for meaningful relationships and emotional intelligence?

I like to think that Buzz Lightyear did it right. He represents the right balance.

As an up-and-coming tech toy in the classic Pixar movie, Toy Story, Buzz never fell short of being a savvy visionary while maintaining a strong point of view on the importance of solid relationships.

I believe Buzz embodies the characteristics of the ideal modern day coworker. He recognized early on that while you can reach new heights on your own, the real joy is in reaching ‘to infinity and beyond’ with some of your most trusted companions [Woody] along the way.

As you reflect on the type of employee, leader or space ranger you want to be, I hope you consciously choose to never forget the importance of building meaningful relationships before you need them. You never know how many sequels you’ll create with some of your closest friends and colleagues on your lifelong journey and career in tech.