Where are Key Verticals Spending Their Digital Ad Dollars? Head of Advanced TV and Video Mike Fisher Weighs In

August 5, 2019 — by MediaMath    

As we close in on the final months of 2019, where are key verticals spending their digital ad dollars? Our Head of Advanced TV and Video Mike Fisher recently spoke with eMarketer about ad spend forecasts for TV in particular industries such as US media and entertainment and retail.

“Now Netflix is coming out with 500 original series a year and needs a way to promote that to the right viewer. You’ll see more marketing dollars shifting…to get eyeballs and promote original series with niche audiences, you need to spend more to drive eyeballs to that content that you then monetize on the backend.” 

“Retail’s great for advanced connected TV ads because you’re able to tie back an impression to either something like a Nielsen Catalina or any sort of store foot traffic, Basically, anything that is looking to drive traffic is starting to shift to connected TV.” 

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