What Do You Love About Marketing?

February 14, 2018 — by Lauren Fritsky    

Valentine’s Day. It makes some people go “Aww” and others go “Ugh.” Regardless of how you feel about the holiday, we decided to use it as a force for good by asking some of our MediaMathers what they love about this crazy little thing called marketing—whether it’s the work we do as marketers or the ads we see as consumers—on which we’re hooked.

Our industry is unique in that we get to wake up every day and solve complex problems that will have immediate and long-term impact. We get to design, create, distribute, market and engage with clients who care as deeply as we do about being a part of something bigger than themselves.– Elise James-Decruise, VP, L&D, and Programmatic Education

I love having a part in the creation of a solution which enables personalized messaging to consumers that allows them to discover content and products that they never knew existed or that they didn’t know they needed.– Kyle Turner, Senior Manager, Inventory Quality

I love marketing that is personalized and relevant to me. I want to know when my favorite artist is coming to NY, that my favorite brand is on sale, that a new product was released that I didn’t know I had to have.– Sara Skrmetti, Senior Director, Channel Solutions

I love when a commercial makes me laugh or cry or anything in between.– Avi Spivack, Global VP, Solution Engineering

The industry is diverging from aged classifications such as “consumers,” “targets,” “in-market segments,” to recognize/remember and embrace that we’re people and not pixels or hashed IDs. I love being a part of this shift and helping brands build programs where people are core.– Rebecca Sharpe, Director, Programmatic Strategy & Optimization

Marketing takes many forms. The forms I love are data-driven, smart, predictive and reach many audiences with experience that informs and inspires. As a self-proclaimed Pythagorean, I believe digital engagement in support of business goals or awareness should be rooted in reasonable understanding of interaction between measured audience interests and predicted outcomes. The fun part of marketing is creating the tools that deliver moving experiences to the people who find them moving.– John Slocum, VP, DMP

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