Tis the Season to Infuse Your Campaigns with the Right Holiday Data

November 12, 2018 — by Emera Trujillo    

The holiday season is fast approaching, which makes it the perfect time of year to focus on your audience strategy. As your creative team crafts holiday assets, aligning audiences that complement your business goals will ensure your marketing efforts yield great results throughout the season.

Already busy with holiday traffic on site and in-app? Maximize your learnings from recent purchases to reach those customers most likely to buy additional products and services. Marketing efforts that focus on increasing second orders can yield 1.8x increase in purchase frequency, driving significant ROI. Use browsing and conversion data to build audiences composed of people who have made recent purchases, but are still shopping for related products, and reach them with upsell messaging.

Building on the theme of leveraging signals from people who have made recent purchases, another way to extend the utility of your sales data are lookalike models. Powered by predictive modeling, lookalike audiences use key signals from your best customers to find people who exhibit similar interests and behaviors. Lookalike audiences can fuel prospecting efforts and lead to more efficient conversion KPIs. For instance, tactics driven by MediaMath Audiences lookalike models can yield 52% lower CPAs compared to traditional prospecting tactics.

If there’s one audience to make sure you reach during the holidays, it’s your highest-value prospects that have yet to convert. In retail or direct-to-consumer products, that means shoppers with high-value items in their carts that haven’t converted; in travel, that will be browsers who have visited a vacation package several times in the past week but haven’t booked; and in high-end consumer electronics, that audience will make multiple visits to a product details page but not complete a purchase. Whether you exclusion-target your site and app conversions or add logic to your audience segments to avoid converters, reaching these ready-to-purchase prospects is a cornerstone of every holiday audience strategy.

No site pixels or app tracking? Not a problem. Work with the data you do have—the people you’ve reached via recent or currently flighted campaign impression exposure and clicks on creatives. Further your reach by building an audience that has been exposed to at least one of your campaign impressions but hasn’t clicked on any of your creatives. These types of audiences—based on media exposure alone—can be effective tools to reach people at your ideal frequency, without risking creative fatigue. MediaMath Adaptive Segments let you set minimum and maximum frequencies at the creative level so you can automatically flight your creatives to the right audience at the right time.

Holiday campaigns are a great opportunity to make the most of your data and build audiences that drive real business outcomes.